NC State Dining

NC State Dining's award-winning program offers food options that are convenient, fresh, wholesome and delicious. We have over 40 dining locations across campus, all of which accept some form of the meal plan. From traditional all-you-care-to-eat dining halls to a mix of restaurants, cafes and convenience stores, our program is designed to meet the unique needs and tastes of the campus community. 

NC State Dining hosts a number of theme meals and monotony breakers during the year, including our famous All Carolinas Meal, which features items grown or produced in North Carolina. We also host a number of cultural meals, too. Check out our special events calendar for more details.


NC State Dining understands the diverse nutritional needs of our campus population, such as food allergies, intolerances, and special dietary preferences. Our website provides nutritional information for all of our restaurants and dining halls, and many locations have a nutrition kiosk where guests can check the daily menu for allergens and other key ingredients.

Our Well-Fed Wolfpack nutrition team and registered dietitian are nationally recognized for their efforts to make NC State one of the best campuses known for its nutrition and wellness programs.  Our dietitian is available for a free consultation to discuss your nutrition goals and special dietary needs. We place a special emphasis on fresh foods and wellness while providing nutrition resources, education, and awareness across campus.

These efforts have helped us earn national recognition, including the Top 26 Healthiest Colleges and Top 10 Gluten Free Accommodating Colleges in the nation.

Meal Plans

All first-entry students living on campus are required to have a meal plan.

Our meal plans are designed to cover the cost of meals and snacks in three different ways: Dining Hall Swipes, Meal Credits, and Dining Dollars.

  • Dining Hall Swipes: Just one swipe at our dining hall locations and you can enjoy a full meal or a light snack, all with a single swipe.
  • Meal Credits: Use Meal Credits to purchase a meal at one of our many restaurants or cafes. Meal Credits are also used to purchase a dining hall take-out meal. Meals Credits vary by location and only one Meal Credit can be used per meal period.
  • Dining Dollars: Use Dining Dollars at convenience stores and vending machines, or to make small purchases at a restaurant or cafe in lieu of a Meal Credit.

The Weekday, Everyday, and Deluxe Plans include an all-access pass to the dining halls, plus Meal Credits for use in our restaurants and cafes. 100 Dining Dollars and dining hall guest meals are also included. With the all-access pass, students can come and go when they're hungry to our three all-you-care-to-eat dining halls and enjoy a full meal or light snack as often as they like throughout the semester. (The all-access pass requires 30 minutes pass between each Dining Hall Swipe.)

We also have the Block 150 Plan (150 meals-per-semester) that can be used at any time in the dining halls or once per meal period in a restaurant or cafe, and includes 100 Dining Dollars. Our Commuter/Apartment Plan is for students who commute or live in on-campus apartments. It includes $750 Dining Dollars that can be used at any dining location and comes with a five percent discount at the register on all purchases.

Picking a Plan

Meal plan information will be mailed to you between May 1 and July 15, depending on when you make your commitment to attend NC State. Sign-up information will also be posted online in May, and you'll have an opportunity to hear from us and talk one-on-one during orientation.

We recommend you review the plans, then consider your expected daily travel and eating patterns once you've received your residence hall assignment and course schedule. Once you've picked a plan, register online or complete the paper form you'll receive in your packet before you arrive on campus this fall.  You can then try out your plan and make any changes via our website prior to September 30.  Be sure to re-evaluate for the spring semester to ensure your plan is the right one for you and make any changes by January 31.

We're Here for You

We take pride in offering quality food and services designed specifically to meet the wants and needs of students. For more information, visit NC State Dining online or call  919.515.7012. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for information on special events, featured menu items, cooking demos, and more.