University Catalog 2024-2025

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program

The academic professional program calls for two phases of education: a preclinical three-year phase and a clinical phase in the fourth year of training. The first through the third years of the professional program are concerned with a gradual progression from a basic science presentation to a more clinical application of veterinary science. Two summer-vacation periods are allowed in the first three years of the professional program.

The clinical program at NC State Veterinary Medicine provides a heavy emphasis for actual “hands-on” clinical practice and is demanding both physically and mentally. Students select “focus areas” to increase their depth of training in their intended area of post-graduate activity, while still retaining a broad based veterinary education. There are ten focus areas from which to choose:

  • Clinician Scientist
  • Epidemiology, Public Health, and Public Policy
  • Equine Practice
  • Food Animal
  • Laboratory Animal Medicine
  • Mixed Animal Practice
  • Pathology
  • Small Animal Practice
  • Small and Exotic Animal Medicine
  • Zoological Medicine

In the first year, a DVM student will be able to describe the evolution, development, function and identification of normal microscopic and gross anatomy, explain the physiological and biochemical basis for common tests used in the diagnostic process, and learn how to effectively communicate in small groups in a professional veterinary context.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Fall SemesterHours
VMC 910 Careers in Veterinary Medicine 1
VMB 911 Veterinary Anatomy I 5
VMB 912 Introduction to Clinical Problem Solving in Veterinary Practice 2
VMB 913 Veterinary Physiology and Microanatomy I 5
VMB 914 Histology and Cytology 2
VMC 914 Group Communication in Veterinary Medicine 1
VMP 910 Infection and Immunity 1 3
VMP 916 Health Maintenance and Animal Production I 1
Spring Semester
VMB 920 Small Group Problem Solving in Veterinary Medicine 1
VMB 921 Veterinary Comparative Anatomy 4
VMB 923 Veterinary Physiology and Microanatomy II 4
VMC 927 Introduction to Companion Animal Behavior 2
VMP 916 Health Maintenance and Animal Production I 1
VMP 920 Infection and Immunity 2 4
VMP 921 Problem Solving for Cases in Infectious Diseases and Immunity 1 2
VMC 937 Introduction to Physical Examination Skills- Small Animal 1
 Total Hours39
Plan of Study Grid
Second Year
Fall SemesterHours
VMB 930 Anesthesiology 2
VMB 931 Veterinary Ethics and Animal Welfare 2
VMB 932 Veterinary Medical Decision Making 1
VMB 933 Veterinary Pharmacology I 3
VMB 936 Introduction to Radiology 1
VMC 932 Principles of Surgery 3
VMP 930 Infection and Immunity 3 3
VMP 931 Veterinary Pathology I 3
VMP 934 Problem Solving for Cases in Infectious Diseases & Immunity 2 2
VMP 936 Health Maintenance and Animal Production II 1
Spring Semester
VMB 943 Veterinary Pharmacology II 3
VMB 944 Veterinary Toxicology and Poisonous Plants 2
VMC 942 Principles of Medicine 2
VMC 943 Laboratory Animal and Zoological Species Health and Disease I 1
VMC 944 Introduction to Clinical and Professional Communication 1
VMP 936 Health Maintenance and Animal Production II 1
VMP 941 Veterinary Pathology II 4
VMP 942 Veterinary Clinical Pathology 3
VMP 945 Epidemiology & Public Health 3
 Total Hours41
Plan of Study Grid
Third Year
Fall SemesterHours
VMB 952 Specialized Problem Solving in Veterinary Medicine 1
VMC 951 Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery I 4
VMC 952 Equine Medicine and Surgery 3
VMC 953 Laboratory Animal and Zoological Species Health and Disease II 3
VMC 956 Advanced Clinical and Professional Communication 1
VMC 957 Introduction to Clinical Practice 1
VMC 933 Theriogenology 2
VMP 956 Health Maintenance and Animal Production III 1
Spring Semester
VMB 960 Veterinary Radiology and Radiobiology 2
VMB 961 Success in the Clinics and Beyond 1
VMB 965 Veterinary Nutritional Health 2
VMC 961 Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery II 3
VMC 965 Advanced Principles of Surgery 1
VMP 962 Ruminant Medicine 3
VMP 964 Swine and Poultry Medicine 2
 Total Hours30

Fourth-year students must complete required and elective rotations that vary depending on the students’ selected focus area. Students must complete 43 credits in the senior year: 40 credits of clinical rotations and three credits in Clinical Conference. The clinic year consists of 24 blocks, two-to-three weeks in length, with up to four vacation blocks and three extramural experiences (Clinician Scientist, Epidemiology, & Food Animal Focus Areas have different extramural requirements). A total of 168 credit hours are required for graduation. Clinical Conference presentations are required of each senior.

The clinic scheduling process begins in fall of third year with information sessions with senior clinicians and/or clinical coordinators, Academic Affairs, and Students Services.

VMC 996Advanced Exotic Animal Medicine2
VMC 959Advanced Primate Medicine2-4
VMC 958Advanced Prosimian Medicine2
VMP 975Advanced Topics in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology1-6
VMB 977Clinical Anesthesia Rotation2
VMC 998Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Medicine2
VMC 972Clinical Small Animal Veterinary Cardiology2
VMB 978Clinical Behavior & Nutrition2
VMC 995Clinical Conference1
VMP 978Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine2
VMB 962Clinician Scientist Research Experience1-10
VMC 983Dermatology2
VMP 979Epidemiology2
VMC 966Equine Emergency and Critical Care2
VMC 978Equine Lameness and Imaging2
VMC 979Equine Medicine2
VMC 968Equine Orthopedic Surgery and Lameness2
VMC 949Equine Primary Care4
VMC 993Equine Special Topics2
VMC 975Equine General Surgery2
VMC 988Exotic Animal Medicine2
VMC 946Extramural Business Management Experience2
VMC 955Extramural Experiences in Lab An Med2
VMP 994Extramural Experience in Pathology1-4
VMC 994Small Animal 4th Year Extramural Studies1-6
VMC 963Extramural Experience in Zoological Medicine2
VMP 971Food Animal Diagnostics for Disease Diagnosis, Control, and Population Surveilla2
VMP 976Food Animal Pharmacology2
VMP 977Necropsy2
VMP 974Food Supply Veterinary Medicine2
VMC 939Small Animal Primary Care2
VMC 981Lab Animal Medicin2
VMC 974Equine Dentistry and Podiatry2
VMC 986Adv Com An Int Med2
VMC 971Comp Animal Med II4
VMC 954Companion Animal Medicine for Food Animal Students2
VMC 984Intro Clin Neuro2
VMC 980Vet Medical Oncology2
VMC 982Ophthalmology2
VMP 982Poultry Health Management I2
VMP 983Poultry Health Management II2
VMC 948Clinical Rotation in Veterinary Radiation Oncology2
VMB 976Radiology Rotation2
VMC 997Raptor Medicine and Rehabilitation2
VMC 930Rehabilitation and Mobility Clinical Rotation2
VMP 970Ruminant Health Management I2
VMP 972Ruminant Health Management II2
VMP 987Ruminant Topics2
VMC 950Sea Turtle Medicine and Rehabilitation2
VMC 960Small Animal Emergency Service2
VMC 973Small Animal Surgery (Topics Include: Small Animal General Surgery; Small Animal Orthopedic Surgery)2
VMP 973Special Topics in Epidemiology2
VMC 941Special Topics in Theriogenology2
VMP 984Swine Health Management I2
VMP 985Swine Medicine & Production II2
VMC 940Clinical Theriogenology2
VMB 976Radiology Rotation (Ultrasound)2
VMC 976Veterinary Critical Care2
VMP 999Extramural in Vet International Programs2
VMC 989Zoological Medicine4
VMC 947Practice Management: Evaluating the workflow, services, and financial performance of a hospital2
VMP 990Extramural Experiences - Large Animal (Topics include: Extramural Experiences in Equine; Extramural Experiences in Food Animal/Mixed Animal)2