University Catalog 2024-2025

ECE Electives

ECE Elective 

ECE 402Communications Engineering3
ECE 403Electronics Engineering3
ECE 404Introduction to Solid-State Devices3
ECE 406/506Architecture Of Parallel Computers3
ECE 407Introduction to Computer Networking3
ECE 418/518Wearable Biosensors and Microsystems3
ECE 420Wireless Communication Systems3
ECE 421Introduction to Signal Processing3
ECE 422Transmission Lines and Antennas for Wireless3
ECE 423Introduction to Photonics and Optical Communications3
ECE 424/524Radio System Design3
ECE 426Analog Electronics Laboratory3
ECE 434Fundamentals of Power Electronics3
ECE 436Digital Control Systems3
ECE 442Introduction to Integrated Circuit Technology and Fabrication3
ECE 451Power System Analysis3
ECE 452/552Renewable Electric Energy Systems3
ECE 453Electric Motor Drives3
ECE 455Industrial Robot Systems3
ECE 456/556Mechatronics3
ECE 460/560Embedded System Architectures3
ECE 461/561Embedded System Analysis and Optimization3
ECE 463/563Microprocessor Architecture3
ECE 464/564ASIC and FPGA Design with Verilog3
ECE 466/566Compiler Optimization and Scheduling3
ECE 470Internetworking3
ECE 489/589Solid State Solar and Thermal Energy Harvesting3
ECE 492Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering1-4
ECE 505Neural Interface Engineering3
ECE 510Introduction to Signal Processing3
ECE 513Advanced Digital Signal Processing3
ECE 514Random Processes3
ECE 515Digital Communications3
ECE 516System Control Engineering3
ECE 517Object-Oriented Design and Development3
ECE 522Medical Instrumentation3
ECE 523Photonics and Optical Communications3
ECE 530Physical Electronics3
ECE 531Principles Of Transistor Devices3
ECE 532Principles Of Microwave Circuits3
ECE 533Power Electronics Design & Packaging3
ECE 534Power Electronics3
ECE 535Design of Electromechanical Systems3
ECE 540Electromagnetic Fields3
ECE 542Neural Networks3
ECE 544Design Of Electronic Packaging and Interconnects3
ECE 546VLSI Systems Design3
ECE 549RF Design for Wireless3
ECE 550Power System Operation and Control3
ECE 551Smart Electric Power Distribution Systems3
ECE 553Semiconductor Power Devices3
ECE 555Autonomous Robot Systems3
ECE 557Principles Of MOS Transistors3
ECE 558Digital Imaging Systems3
ECE 568Conventional and Emerging Nanomanufacturing Techniques and Their Applications in Nanosystems3
ECE 570Computer Networks3
ECE 573Internet Protocols3
ECE 574Computer and Network Security3
ECE 575Introduction to Wireless Networking3
ECE 577Switched Network Management3
ECE 581Electric Power System Protection3
ECE 582Wireless Communication Systems3
ECE 583Electric Power Engineering Practicum I3
ECE 585The Business of the Electric Utility Industry3
ECE 586Communication and SCADA Systems for Smart Grid3
ECE 592Special Topics In Electrical Engineering1-6