University Catalog 2023-2024

Entomology (Minor)

Plan Requirements

Required Courses9
Select a minimum of three courses approved in conjunction with the academic committee – see "Entomology Courses" listed below
Total Hours9

Entomology Courses

ENT 502Insect Diversity4
ENT 503Insect Morphology and Physiology3
ENT 504Professional Development for Agriculture and the Life Sciences2
ENT 506Principles of Genetic Pest Management3
ENT 509Biology of Aquatic Insects3
ENT 510Writing Proposals in Agriculture, Biology, and Ecology2
ENT 520Insect Behavior3
ENT 526Organic Agriculture: Principles and Practices3
ENT 550Fundamentals of Arthropod Management3
ENT 560Techniques in Molecular Ecology and Evolution3
ENT 582Medical and Veterinary Entomology3
ENT 591Special Topics In Entomology1-6
ENT 601Seminar1
ENT 604Insect Natural History and Field Ecology1
ENT 620Special Problems1-6
ENT 641Agricultural Entomology Practicum3
ENT 726Biological Control of Insects and Weeds3
ENT 727Ecology of Soil Ecosystems3
ENT 731Insect Ecology3
ENT 762Insect Pest Management In Agricultural Crops3
ENT 791Special Topics In Entomology1-6
ENT 801Seminar1
ENT 804Insect Natural History and Field Ecology1
ENT 820Special Problems1-6
ENT 841Agricultural Entomology Practicum3


Full Professors

  • Rick Lynn Brandenburg
  • David Buchwalter
  • Wayne G. Buhler
  • Hannah J. Burrack
  • Robert R. Dunn
  • Steven D. Frank
  • Fred L. Gould
  • Rebecca Elizabeth Irwin
  • George G. Kennedy
  • Dominic Duane Reisig
  • Richard M. Roe
  • Coby J. Schal
  • Jules Silverman
  • Clyde E. Sorenson
  • David R. Tarpy
  • James F. Walgenbach
  • David W. Watson
  • Anna Elizabeth Whitfield
  • Brian M. Wiegmann

Associate Professors

  • Marce D. Lorenzen
  • David B. Orr
  • Michael Hay Reiskind
  • Dorith Rotenberg

Assistant Professors

  • Zachary Steven Brown
  • Sydney E. Crawley
  • Anders Schmidt Huseth
  • Aram Arshak Mikaelyan
  • Gareth Stephen Powell
  • Elsa Youngsteadt

Emeritus Faculty

  • Charles Smith Apperson
  • Jack S. Bacheler
  • James R. Baker
  • Julius R. Bradley Jr
  • Wayne Maurice Brooks
  • William V. Campbell
  • Lewis L. Deitz
  • Maurice H. Farrier
  • Fred P. Hain
  • James D. Harper
  • Ruediger C. Hillmann
  • John R. Meyer
  • Harry B. Moore Jr.
  • Herbert H. Neunzig
  • John F. Roberts
  • Robert L. Robertson
  • Kenneth A. Sorensen
  • Phillip S. Southern
  • Ronald Edwin Stinner
  • John W. VanDuyn
  • Charles Gerald Wright

Adjunct Professors

  • Nicholas M. Haddad
  • Loganathan Ponnusamy
  • Christopher M. Ranger