University Catalog 2023-2024

Food Science (PhD)

Degree Requirements

Core Courses15
Select nine hours of coursework listed under "Core Courses" approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Select an additional six hours of coursework listed under either "Core Courses" or "Elective Courses" approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Supervised Teaching Course2
Doctoral Supervised Teaching 1
Seminar Course1
Seminar In Food Science
Research Ethics Course1
"Research Ethics" course will be determined in conjunction with the academic committee
Additional Courses53
"Additional Courses" will be determined in conjunction with the academic committee to meet 72 total hours 2
Total Hours72

Core Courses

Select courses from at least three categories below:
FS 567Sensory Analysis of Foods3
FS 741Thermal Processing of Foods3
FS 540Food Safety and Public Health3
FS 725Fermentation Microbiology3
FS 501Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism3
FS 555Exercise Nutrition3
NTR 701Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism3
NTR 706Vitamin Metabolism3
NTR 708Energy Metabolism3
NTR 775Mineral Metabolism3
Processing Technology
FS 516Quality Control in Food and Bioprocessing3
FS 522Food Packaging3
FS 530Post-Harvest Food Safety3
FS 535Food Safety Management Systems3
FS 751Food Ingredient Technology In Product Development4

Elective Courses

FS 520Pre-Harvest Food Safety3
FS 526Upstream Biomanufacturing Laboratory2
FS 550Food Industry Study Tour2
FS 554Lactation, Milk, and Nutrition3
FS 557Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods3
FS 562Postharvest Physiology3
FS 580Professional Development and Ethics in Food Safety1
Additional courses may be approved in conjunction with the academic committee

Full Professors

Associate Professors

Assistant Professors

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

Emeritus Faculty

  • Sarah Liberman Ash
  • Leonard W. Aurand
  • Hershell R. Ball Jr
  • Leon Carl Boyd
  • Roy E. Carawan
  • Daniel E Carroll Jr
  • George L. Catignani
  • Patricia Ann Curtis
  • Edward Allen Foegeding
  • David Patrick Green
  • Max E. Gregory
  • Victor A. Jones
  • Carolyn Jean Lackey
  • Tyre C. Lanier
  • Duane K. Larick
  • Roger Floyd McFeeters
  • James Leslie Oblinger
  • John Eual Rushing
  • Timothy H. Sanders
  • Steven J. Schwartz
  • Brian W. Sheldon
  • Harold E. Swaisgood
  • Kenneth R. Swartzel
  • Van-Den Truong
  • Lynn G. Turner
  • William M. Walter
  • Donn R. Ward

Adjunct Faculty

  • Pablo Marcelo Coronel
  • Jack Parker Davis
  • Brian E. Farkas
  • Mario Giovanni Ferruzzi
  • William Ronald Aimutis Jr.
  • Katherine Patterson Maloney
  • Tawanda Muzhingi
  • Shengmin Sang