University Catalog 2024-2025

Leadership in Agriculture and Human Sciences (Certificate)

As we look at the grand challenges our world faces, the need to train and prepare leaders in every sector of society is urgent. For those interested in developing and strengthening their leadership skills, the Agricultural and Human Sciences (AHS) Department in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers the Graduate Certificate in Leadership in Agricultural & Human Sciences (GCLAHS). The GCLAHS will consist of five 3-credit courses that focus on theory, organizational leadership, community leadership, critical and creative thinking, and change management. This certificate is designed for the individual who is either currently in a leadership role or who aspires to serve in a leadership capacity in education, industry, non-profit or government. The curriculum allows for a strong base in theory and practice, under the direction of leadership scholars who will work with students to take the knowledge gained in the classroom and apply that knowledge to their respective contexts. In fact, this is the essential nature of leadership development, for students to be able to contextualize the work to their own specific context. Courses are offered online to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals.

More Information

Leadership in Agriculture Human Sciences Program Website

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 3.0 undergraduate GPA, in-line with the Graduate School’s minimum requirement
  • Transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Personal statement
  • Application fee

Applicant Information

  • Delivery Method: On-Campus, Online, Hybrid
  • Entrance Exam: None
  • Interview Required: None

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: February 1 for assistantship consideration and international students, June 15 for US students
  • Spring: July 15 for international students, Nov. 1 for US students
  • Summer 1: Dec. 15 for International students, March 25 for US students
  • Summer 2: Dec. 15 for International students, May 10 for US students

Plan Requirements

Required Courses15
Leadership Theory
Methods of Change in Agricultural and Human Sciences
AEHS 555
Critical and Creative Thinking (pending ABGS approval Spring 2022)
Organizational Behavior and Administrative Leadership in Agricultural & Human Science
Community Leadership
Total Hours15

Department Head

  • Ben Chapman


  • Joseph Donaldson
  • Annie Hardison-Moody

Full Professor

  • Carolyn Bird
  • Ben Chapman
  • Koralalage Sunil Upali Jayaratne
  • Sarah Kirby
  • Travis Park
  • Michael Schulman

Associate Professors

  • Dara Bloom
  • Jackie Bruce
  • Joseph Donaldson
  • Harriett Edwards
  • Annie Hardison-Moody
  • Wendy J. Warner

Assistant Professors

  • Jamie Alexander
  • Basheerah Enahora
  • Maru Gonzalez
  • Misty Lambert
  • Katherine McKee
  • Joy Morgan
  • Catherine Elizabeth Sanders
  • Sudha Sankar
  • Virginia Stage

Adjunct Faculty

  • Amber Beseli
  • Mitzi Downing
  • Autumn Guin
  • Rhonda Sutton