University Catalog 2024-2025

Molecular Biotechnology (Certificate)

Training in molecular biotechnology is essential for a wide range of disciplines from microbiology, plant and animal sciences to chemical engineering. The Graduate Certificate Program in Molecular Biotechnology offers an opportunity for individuals educated in the life sciences and related disciplines to gain laboratory-based, hands-on molecular biology training. 

Certificate Degree Requirements

The Graduate Certificate Program in Molecular Biotechnology will require a minimum of 12 hours of required and elective courses. Coursework transferred from another institution is not applicable toward the certificate. Award of the certificate requires an overall GPA of 3.0 or better for certificate courses (required and elective) with a minimum grade of B- in any of the BIT courses and a minimum grade of C in coursework electives.

Other Relevant Information

NC State graduate students with career interests that involve molecular biotechnology, but are not eligible for the minor, are eligible to apply for the certificate.

Molecular Biotechnology Program Website

Admission Requirements

  1. Baccalaureate degree in a science or engineering discipline.
  2. Minimum GPA of 2.75 in his/her/they undergraduate program, and a recommended minimum GPA of 3.0 in science courses.
  3. All prerequisites (or their equivalent) to BIT 510 completed before beginning the certificate program. The minimum requirements for BIT 510 are: MB 351 or GN 311 (or equivalent) and two semesters of organic chemistry (equivalent to CH 221 and CH 223). Prerequisites for the coursework electives vary, and those prerequisites may be taken after admission to the certificate program if necessary.
  4. Note that currently the Certificate is only available to students enrolled in a Masters Degree program at NC State.

Applicant Information

  • Delivery Method: On-Campus
  • Entrance Exam: None
  • Interview Required: None

Application Information

Applications to the certificate program must be submitted at least one semester prior to the student’s graduation deadlines

Plan Requirements

Core Courses5
Ethical Issues in Biotechnology 1
Core Technologies in Molecular and Cellular Biology (+ Capstone Cloning Project) 2
Elective Courses7
BIT 5XX Laboratory Electives 3
Other Electives 4
Total Hours12

Students may take another approved research ethics/bioethics course determined in conjunction with the academic committee.


Upon passing BIT 510 Core Technologies in Molecular and Cellular Biology with an 80% or higher, students must complete a Capstone Cloning Project (assignment in BIT 510).


Students may take any two BIT laboratory elective 2 credit courses. Courses vary by semester. For the most up to date list of BIT course offerings, visit the course catalog or the NC State Biotechnology website.


Students may choose another 500-level or higher elective course outside "Other Elective Courses" listed below determined in conjunction with the academic committee.

Elective Courses

Select courses from the lists below:
BIT Electives
BIT 555Cancer Drug Discovery and Development2
BIT 564Protein Purification2
BIT 566Animal Cell Culture Techniques2
BIT 571RNA Interference and Model Organisms2
BIT 572Proteomics3
BIT 573Protein Interactions2
BIT 574Plant Genetic Engineering2
BIT 577Metagenomics2
BIT 579High-Throughput Discovery2
BIT 582Virus Biotechnology: Pathogens to Therapeutics2
BIT 580Yeast Metabolic Engineering2
BIT 588Microbiome Analysis3
BIT 595Special Topics1-6
BIT 815Advanced Special Topics1-6

Other Elective Courses

BCH 553Biochemistry of Gene Expression3
CHE 551Biochemical Engineering3
GN 721Genetic Data Analysis3
GN 701Molecular Genetics3
GN 735Functional Genomics3
MB 714Microbial Metabolic Regulation3
MB 725Fermentation Microbiology3
MB 758Microbial Genetics & Genomics3