University Catalog 2024-2025

Horticultural Science (Certificate)

The Graduate Certificate is a non-degree, designed to increase personal knowledge and skills for current or future employment in the horticulture industry. Earning the Graduate Certificate requires completing a minimum of 15 credit hours (usually equaling 5 courses) of coursework. Courses may be taken either on-line or face-to-face. 

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Participants must hold a bachelor’s degree to enroll in this program. Graduate Certificate applicants should have majored in horticulture, crop science, plant science, or agricultural education with a concentration in plant science, or another closely related degree. Students may begin taking courses for the graduate certificate in Summer, Fall, or Spring. All graduate certificate course work must be completed within four years of enrollment.

Applicant Information

  • Delivery Method: On-Campus, Online, Hybrid
  • Entrance Exam: None
  • Interview Required: None

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: January 15
  • Spring: August 1
  • Summer 1 and 2: January 15

Plan Requirements

Required Courses9
Select a minimum of three courses from the following:
Plant Disease: Methods & Diagnosis
Planting Design
Green Infrastructure
Temperate-Zone Tree Fruits: Physiology and Culture
HS 523
Introduction to Permaculture *
Public Garden Administration
Plant Breeding Methods *
Environmental Nursery Production *
Plant Nutrition *
Postharvest Physiology *
Crop Physiology and Production in Controlled Environments
Professional Presentation Skills in Horticultural Science *
Breeding Asexually Propagated Crops
Plant Nomenclature
Physiology Of Flowering
Environmental Stress Physiology
Weed Management Systems
Pesticide Chemistry
Pesticide Behavior and Fate In the Environment
Quantitative Genetics Theory and Methods
Additional Courses 16
Additional Courses are determined in conjunction with the academic committee to meet the 15 total hours
Total Hours15

Courses taught online


Students must take courses that meet the following requirements: must be at 500-level or higher, letter-graded, passed with a B or better


Students can select a maximum of 6 hours from the following subjects: ARE, AEE, BAE, CS, ENT, FS, PP, SCC; courses must be at 400-level or higher.