University Catalog 2024-2025

Physiology (MS)

Degree Requirements

Required Courses9
General Physiology I
General Physiology II
Biochemistry of Gene Expression
Ethics in Research Course1
Select one of the following courses:
Ethical Issues in Biotechnology
Professional Conduct in Biomedical Research
Introduction to Research Ethics
Elective Courses26
"Elective Courses" that will be applied to reach 36 credit hours will be determined in conjunction with the academic committee
Total Hours36


Full Professors

  • Glen William Almond
  • Kenneth E. Anderson
  • Betty L. Black
  • Anthony T. Blikslager
  • Russell J. Borski
  • David C. Dorman
  • Frank W. Edens
  • Kenneth L. Esbenshade
  • Charlotte E. Farin
  • William Lucas Flowers IV
  • John E. Gadsby
  • Troy Ghashghaei
  • Jody L. Gookin
  • Sung Woo Kim
  • Matthew D. Koci
  • Hsiao-Ching Liu
  • Christian Maltecca
  • Kathryn Montgome Meurs
  • Paul Edward Mozdziak
  • Jack Odle
  • Heather Patisaul
  • Robert M. Petters
  • Shannon Elizabeth Phillips
  • Richard M. Roe
  • Paul David Siciliano
  • Geoffrey W. Smith
  • Jeffrey A. Yoder

Associate Professors

  • Luke B. Borst
  • Babetta Ann Breuhaus
  • Jose Manuel Bruno-Barcena
  • John Edward Meitzen
  • Marianne Niedzlek-Feaver
  • Marcelo Rodriguez-Puebla

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Elaine B. Bohorquez
  • Hanna Gracz
  • Jeong Dae Lee
  • Jane L. Lubischer
  • Shweta Trivedi

Adjunct Faculty

  • Bartosz Kempisty

Emeritus Faculty

  • Talmage T. Brown Jr.
  • Warren J. Croom Jr.
  • Robert M. Grossfeld
  • Harold F. Heatwole
  • Thomas E. Levere
  • John F. Roberts
  • Malcolm C. Roberts
  • Thomas David Siopes
  • Herbert A. Underwood
  • Steven Paul Washburn
  • Michael David Whitacre
  • Thomas G. Wolcott