University Catalog 2024-2025

Plant Biology (MS)

Degree Requirements

Core Courses15-16
Special Topics Botany (Functional Plant Biology) 1
Plant Anatomy 1
Topical Problems (Botany Colloquium)
Statistical Methods For Researchers I 1
Introduction to Research Ethics (or equivalent ethics course)
Plant Functional Ecology 1
Systematic Botany
Teaching / Research Courses2-12
Master's Supervised Teaching
Master's Supervised Research
Plant Biology Course3
Select one PB prefix course 2
Additional Courses3-10
Additional Courses are determined in conjunction with the academic committee to meet the 30 total hours
Total Hours30

The course must be taken for a letter grade.


"Plant Biology Course" is determined in conjunction with the academic committee

Additional Requirements

M.S. degree students complete the required courses and other courses for 30 total credit hours (at the 500 level or above); 18 hours must be letter-graded. They must also complete and defend a thesis.

Associate professors

  • Jose Miguel Alonso
  • Richard L. Blanton
  • Kent Oliver Burkey
  • Joann M. Burkholder
  • Susan B. Carson
  • Ralph E. Dewey
  • Robert Graham Franks
  • Amy Michele Grunden
  • Candace Hope Haigler
  • Linda Kay Hanley-Bowdoin
  • Christine Veronica Hawkes
  • William A. Hoffmann
  • Shuijin Hu
  • James E. Mickle
  • Thomas W. Rufty Jr.
  • Jean B. Ristaino
  • Heike Inge Ada Sederoff
  • William F. Thompson
  • Ross W. Whetten
  • Qiuyun Xiang
  • Deyu Xie
  • Tzung Fu Hsieh
  • Slavko Komarnytsky
  • Alexander Krings
  • Xu Li
  • Terri A.Long
  • Marcela Pierce
  • Rosangela Sozzani
  • Anna N. Stepanova
  • Jillian Marie De Gezelle
  • Chad Victor Jordan
  • Imara Yasmin Perera
  • Carole H. Saravitz
  • Nina S. Allen
  • Udo Blum
  • Wendy F. Boss
  • Rebecca S. Boston
  • Margaret E. Daub
  • Roger C. Fites
  • James W. Hardin
  • Walter Webb Heck
  • Rongda Qu
  • Jon M. Stucky
  • Judith F. Thomas
  • C. Gerald VanDyke
  • Thomas R. Wentworth

Assistant Professors

  • Orlando Arguello-Miranda
  • Mallory Choudoir
  • Colleen Jennifer Doherty
  • Manuel Kleiner
  • Zhe Lyu
  • William Kevin Petry
  • Kasie Raymann
  • Seema Nayan Sheth