Youth, Family, and Community Sciences (MS)

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Degree Requirements

Core Courses12
Supervised Professional Experience in Family Life & Youth Development
Theories in Family Science
Program Development & Evaluation in Youth & Family Settings
Professional Ethics and Family Policy
Applied Concepts Course3
Applied Concepts in Parenting and Family Life Education
Applied Concepts in Child and Youth Development
Methodological Inquiry Courses9
Research Methods in Youth, Family, and Community Sciences
Thesis Research
Statistical Methods For Researchers I
Elective Courses12
See "Elective Courses" listed below
Total Hours36

Elective Courses

Select four courses below12
Family Relationships Over the Life Course
Effective Management of Family Resources
Complex Family Issues
Human Sexuality
Environmental Influences on the Family
Family Communication and Coaching
Family Life Coaching
Family and Youth Professionals as Leaders
Volunteerism in Youth and Family Settings
Contemporary Issues in Volunteer Resource Management
Special Topics Family Life and Youth Development
Independent Study in Family Life & Youth Development


Department Head

  • Ben Chapman


  • Joseph Donaldson, Director of Undergraduate Programs
  • Annie Hardison-Moody, Director of Graduate Programs

Full Professors

  • Carolyn Bird
  • Ben Chapman
  • Carolyn Dunn, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor
  • Jay Jayaratne
  • Sarah Kirby
  • Travis Park
  • Michael Schulman, William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor
  • Benjamin Silliman

Associate Professors

  • Dara Bloom
  • Jackie Bruce
  • Joseph Donaldson
  • Harriett C. Edwards
  • Annie Hardison-Moody
  • Wendy J. Warner

Assistant Professors

  • Jamie Alexander
  • Basheerah Enahora
  • Maru Gonzalez
  • Misty Lambert
  • Katherine McKee
  • Joy Morgan
  • Catherine Elizabeth Sanders
  • Sudha Sankar
  • Virginia Stage

Adjunct Faculty

  • Amber Beseli
  • Mitzi Downing
  • Autumn Guin
  • Rhonda Sutton