University Catalog 2023-2024

Learning Design & Technology (MS)

Master of Science Degree Requirements

Core Courses12
Introduction to Learning Design and Technology
Cultural Investigations and Technical Representations in Education
Design and Evaluation Of Instructional Materials
Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Learning Environments
Elective Courses12
Select a minimum 12 credit hours of the following courses:
Technology Program Evaluation
Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning
Teaching and Learning with Digital Video
Developing and Delivering Online Instruction
Digital Learning Program and Staff Development
Special Problems in Learning Design and Technology
Technology and Informal Learning Environments
Theory and Research in Distance Education
Research Methods / Thesis Courses12
Select a minimum 12 credit hours of the following courses:
Research Applications In Curriculum and Instruction
Introduction to Learning Analytics
Machine Learning in Education
Text Mining in Education
Analyzing Learning Networks
Master's Thesis Research
Statistical Methods For Researchers I
Total Hours36

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Degree Requirements

The Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s (ABM) degree program allows exceptional undergraduate students at NC State an opportunity to complete the requirements for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at an accelerated pace. These undergraduate students may double count up to 12 credits and obtain a non-thesis Master’s degree in the same field within 12 months of completing the Bachelor’s degree, or obtain a thesis-based Master’s degree in the same field within 18 months of completing the Bachelor’s degree.

This degree program also provides an opportunity for the Directors of Graduate Programs (DGPs) at NC State to recruit rising juniors in their major to their graduate programs. However, permission to pursue an ABM degree program does not guarantee admission to the Graduate School. Admission is contingent on meeting eligibility requirements at the time of entering the graduate program.

Full Professors

  • Florence Martin
  • Kevin M. Oliver

Associate Professors

  • Deniz Eseryel
  • Chu-Jen Huang

Assistant Professors

  • Shiyan Jiang
  • Daniela Castellanos Reyes

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Shaun B. Kellogg
  • Julia O'Neal McKeown
  • Heather Purichia
  • Mark Justin Samberg