School Administration (MR)

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Degree Requirements

Required Courses43
Education and Social Diversity
Introduction To Education Law
Principles of Educational Leadership and Empowerment
Context and Challenges of School Improvement
School-Based Planning, Management, and Evaluation in Professional Learning Communities
Organizational Management I: Human Resource Management in K-12 Education
Organizational Management II: Resource Support and Sustainability in K-12 Education
Special Topics (Data Use for School Leaders)
Special Topics (Leadership Foundations)
Special Topics (School & Community Engagement)
Special Topics (Culture & Collaboration)
Special Problems In Education
Internship In Educational Leadership and Program Evaluation
Total Hours43

Full Professors

  • Bonnie C. Fusarelli
  • Lance D. Fusarelli

Associate Professors

  • Lisa R. Bass
  • Anna Margaret Jacob

Assistant Professors

  • Jennifer Baucom Ayscue
  • Timothy Arthur Drake

Emeritus Faculty

  • Paul F. Bitting
  • Raymond G. Taylor Jr.

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Patricia Andrews Ashley
  • Brenda D. Champion
  • William Harrison
  • Gregory Eugene Hicks
  • Henry Johnson
  • Francine Piscitelli Riddick
  • Michael Ward
  • Cathy Sue Williams