University Catalog 2023-2024

School Counseling (MEd)

Degree Requirements

Required Courses60
Orientation to Professional Counseling, Identity, and Ethics
Career Counseling and Development
Multicultural Counseling
Theories and Tech of Counseling
Int Sch Counseling
Group Counseling
Gender Issues In Counseling
Substance Abuse and Counseling
Research in Counseling
Counseling Couples and Families
Crisis Interventions in Counseling
Strategies for Clinical Assessment in Counseling
Techniques in Counseling
Multicultural Lifespan Development
Practicum In Counseling
Internship in School Counseling *
Total Hours60


  • Stanley B Baker
  • Marc A. Grimmett
  • Sylvia Christine Maria Nassar
  • Jose' A. Picart
  • Siu-Man Ting
  • Adria Shipp Dunbar
  • Brean'a Parker
  • Cristina Braga
  • Nicole Childs
  • Helen Lupton-Smith
  • Rolanda Mitchell
  • Angela Smith
  • Teri Tilford
  • Elizabeth Vincent

Emeritus Faculty

  • Edwin R. Gerler Jr.

  • Richard Tyler-Walker
  • Amanda Allen
  • Clinton Bolton
  • Monica Osbourne