University Catalog 2023-2024

Teaching (MA): Middle Grades Science Concentration

Degree Requirements

MAT Core Courses12
Principles of Developing and Interpreting Assessment
Exploring Diversity in Classroom and Community
Organization and Behavioral Management of Inclusive Classrooms
Teaching Internship: MAT
Science Education Concentration Requirements18
Required Concentration Courses12
Methods of Teaching Science I
Methods of Teaching Science II
Introduction to Research in Science Education
Design of Tools and Learning Environments in STEM Education
Science Methods Courses6
Select two or more electives (6 credit hours) in either Science Methods (EMS) or Science Content (AEC, BIO, BIT, BCH, BSC, CH, ENT, ES, MB, MEA, PB, PY, ZO) at the 500+ level; courses should be approved by the candidate's advisor.
Total Hours30


Full Professors

  • Margaret R. Blanchard
  • Aaron C. Clark
  • Jere Confrey
  • Cathy L. Crossland
  • Krista Dawn Glazewski
  • Karen Hollebrands
  • M. Gail Jones
  • Hollylynne Stohl Lee
  • John Kelly Lee
  • Soonhye Park
  • Edward J. Sabornie
  • Lee Stiff

Associate Professors

  • Candy M. Beal
  • K.C. Busch
  • Sarah Carrier
  • Cesar Delgado
  • Cameron D. Denson
  • Chu-Jen Huang
  • Jessica Hunt
  • Karen Keene
  • Meghan Manfra
  • Angela Wiseman
  • Carl A. Young

Assistant Professors

  • Robin Anderson
  • Sunghwan Byun
  • Michelle Marie Falter
  • Marissa Marie Sloan Franzen
  • Michael Andre Jarry-Shore
  • Tamecia Jones
  • Erin Krupa
  • Crystal Lee
  • Paula McAvoy
  • Amato Nocera
  • Jamie Pearson
  • Samantha Marshall Pham
  • Daniela Castellanos Reyes
  • William Reynolds
  • Jonee Wilson

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Drinda Elaine Benge
  • Vandna Gill Bindra
  • Sarah Cannon
  • Cyndi Edgington
  • Nolan Edward Fahrer
  • Valerie Faulkner
  • Anne Harrington
  • Kristen Hoffmann
  • Micha Jennine Jeffries
  • Jill Jones
  • Joanna Greer Koch
  • W. Matt Reynolds
  • Linda Smith

Emeritus Faculty

  • Ruie J. Pritchard

Teaching Assistant Professor

  • Jared Stewart-Ginsburg