University Catalog 2023-2024

Technology Education (EdD)

Degree Requirements

Core Courses18
Technology Education: A Discipline
Curricula for Emerging Technologies
Developing and Implementing Technology Education
Teaching Creative Problem Solving
Leadership Development in TED
Planning of Change in TED
Elective Courses12
Select 12 hours of the following courses:
Foundations for Teaching Technology
Current Trends in Technical Graphics Education
Instructional Design in Technical and Technology Education
Scientific and Technical Visualization: Theory and Practice
Internship in Technology Education 1
Field-based Research in Technology Education 1
Seminar in Technology Education
Practicum in Technology Education
Special Topics in Technology Education
Special Problems in Technology Education
Research Courses24-27
Introduction to Research Design in Education
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education I
Statistics For the Behavioral Sciences I
Statistics For the Behavioral Sciences II
Doctoral Dissertation Research
Select two of the following courses:
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education II
Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education
Advanced Qualitative Research and Data Analysis in Education
Mixed Methods Research in Education
Applied Nonparametric Statistics
Select 9-12 hours from a cognitive area of study approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Total Hours 254-62


Full Professors

  • Aaron Catron Clark
  • Eric N. Wiebe

Associate Professor

  • Cameron DeLeon Denson

Assistant Professors

  • Tamecia Raishaun Jones
  • Daniel Kelly

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Tameshia Ballard Baldwin
  • Brian Matthews
  • Alice Y. Scales

Emeritus Faculty

  • Johnny L. Crow
  • V. William DeLuca
  • Richard Eric Peterson
  • Robert E. Wenig