University Catalog 2023-2024

Biomedical Engineering (MS): MedTech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration

Degree Requirements

Core Courses27
Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship I - Needs Discovery
Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship II - Design and Regulation
Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization I
Medical Device Design
Global Regulatory Affairs for Medical Products
Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship III - Product Development
Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization II
Venture Opportunity Analytics
Technical Elective Course3
Select a minimum of three credit hours of 500-level or 700-level technical coursework from the following course prefixes: BME, CHE, CE, ECE, ISE, MSE, MAE, or NE as approved in conjunction with the program advisor *
Total Hours30

Other graduate courses in applied or technical fields at NC State or UNC-Chapel Hill as approved in conjunction with the program advisor.


Full Professors

  • Ke Cheng
  • Paul A. Dayton
  • Caterina M. Gallippi
  • Shawn Gomez
  • Edward Grant
  • He (Helen) Huang
  • Cristina Lanzas
  • Frances Smith Ligler
  • H. Troy Nagle Jr.
  • Roger Jagdish Narayan
  • J. Michael Ramsey
  • Koji Sode

Associate Professors

  • Ted Bateman
  • Jacqueline Heather Cole-Husseini
  • Michael Daniele
  • Robert G. Dennis
  • Matthew Bruce Fisher
  • Michael Gamcsik
  • Derek Gary Kamper
  • David S. Lalush
  • Jeffrey M. Macdonald
  • Scott Magness
  • Gianmarco Francesco Pinton
  • Nitin Sharma
  • Mark A. Tommerdahl
  • David Alexander Zaharoff

Assistant Professors

  • Imran Rizvi
  • Soumya Rahima Benhabbour
  • Ashley Carson Brown
  • Yevgeny Brudno
  • Brian Diekman
  • Jason Franz
  • Donald (Danny) Freytes
  • Andrea Giovannucci
  • Xiaogang Hu
  • Alon Greenbaum
  • Kennita Adrian Johnson
  • Wesley Legant
  • Ming Liu
  • William Polacheck
  • Imran Rizvi
  • Michael Sano

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Ilya Arakelyan
  • Lianne A. Cartee
  • Kenneth Donnelly
  • Oleg V. Favorov
  • Devin Hubbard
  • Naji Hussein
  • George Todd Ligler
  • Ross Petrella
  • Anka Veleva


  • Sidhartha Jandhyala