University Catalog 2023-2024

Data Science Foundations (Certificate)

This online/on-campus program is well suited for working professionals who have some formal training in Computer Science and/or Statistics and wish to acquire a basic understanding of data science.   Applicants are expected to have an accredited Bachelor of Science degree in either a sciences or engineering discipline, Computer Science or Statistics.  A minimum GPA of 3.0, on a 4-point scale, is also expected.  The GRE is not required for admission.

Financial aid is not available through our program.  Interested applicants will need to review other means of assistance, if needed.

Certificate in Data Science Foundations

Required Courses6-9
Complete a minimum of two courses from "Core Courses" listed below
Elective Courses3-6
Complete minimum of one course from "Elective Courses" listed below
Total Hours12

Required Courses 

Select minimum of two courses from the following: 16-9
Design and Analysis Of Algorithms
Advanced Data Structures
Applied Statistical Methods I
Introduction to Statistical Learning

Elective Courses

Select minimum of one course from the following3-6
Automated Learning and Data Analysis 2
Database Management concepts and Systems
Special Topics In Computer Science (Topics include: Data Driven Business Intelligence; Graph Data Mining; Spatial and Temporal Data Mining)
Applied Bayesian Analysis


Department Head

  • Gregory E. Rothermel, Professor

Distinguished University Research Professor

  • Donald L. Bitzer

Distinguished Professors

  • Tiffany M. Barnes
  • Mladen A. Vouk, Vice Chancellor for Research Development
  • Laurie A. Williams, Co-Director - NCSU Science of Security Lablet

Distinguished University Professor

  • James C. Lester II, Director of the Center for Educational Informatics
  • Michael A. Rappa, Director, Institute for Advanced Analytics

Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor

  • Georgios N. Rouskas, Director of Graduate Programs
  • Munindar P. Singh, Co- Director - NCSU Science of Security Lablet

Full Professor

  • Min Chi
  • Rada Y. Chirkova
  • Huaiyu Dai
  • Rudra Dutta, Associate Department Head
  • William H. Enck, Director of Wolfpack Security & Privacy Research (WSPR) Laboratory
  • Edward F. Gehringer
  • Xiaohui (Helen) Gu
  • Christopher G. Healey, Goodnight Distinguished Professor Analytics, Institute for Advanced Analytics
  • Steffen Heber
  • Timothy J. Menzies
  • R. Frank Mueller
  • Xipeng Shen
  • Matthias F. M. Stallmann
  • R. Raju Vatsavai

Associate Professors

  • Wesley K. G. Assunção
  • Marcelo d'Amorim
  • Zhishan Guo
  • Khaled Harfoush
  • Arnav H. Jhala
  • Alexandros Kapravelos
  • Sandeep K. Kuttal
  • Xu Liu
  • Collin F. Lynch
  • Noboru Matsuda
  • Kemafor Anyanwu Ogan
  • Sharath Kumar Raghvendra
  • Bradley G. Reaves
  • David L. Roberts, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs
  • Alessandra Scafuro
  • Muhammad Shahzad
  • Donald R. Sheehy
  • Kathryn T. Stolee
  • Sharma Vallin Thankachan
  • Benjamin A. Watson
  • Wujie Wen

Assistant Professors

  • Samira Mirbagher Ajorpaz
  • Veronica M. Cateté
  • Anupam Das
  • Shiyan Jiang
  • Jung -Eun Kim
  • Chin Ho Lee
  • Jiajia Li
  • Jianqing Liu
  • Xiaorui Liu
  • Yuchen Liu
  • John-Paul Ore
  • Thomason W. Price
  • Dongkuan (DK) Xu
  • Dominik Wermke
  • Bowen Xu
  • Chenhan Xu
  • Man Ki Yoon
  • Ruozhou Yu

Teaching Professor

  • Sarah S. Heckman, Director of Undergraduate Programs

Teaching Associate Professors

  • Kimberly J. Titus
  • Tzvetelina (Lina) Battestilli
  • Jamie A Jennings
  • Jason T. King
  • Chandrika Satyavolu
  • Jessica Y. Schmidt
  • David B. Sturgill

Teaching Assistant Professors

  • Suzanne M. Balik
  • Abida Haque
  • Caio Batista de Melo
  • Alexander Card
  • Ignacio X. Dominguez
  • Adam Gaweda
  • Shuyin Jiao
  • Sterling M. McLeod


  • B. Jasmine Adams, Director of Undergraduate Advising
  • Margaret Heil, Director of Senior Design Center
  • ToniAnn Marini, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising

Research Professor

  • Franc Brglez

Assistant Research Professor

  • Bita Akram


  • Leslie Rand-Pickett, Graduate Career Services

Emeritus Faculty

  • Dennis R. Bahler
  • Wu-show Chou
  • Jon Doyle
  • Edward W. Davis, Jr.
  • Robert J. Fornaro
  • Thomas L. Honeycutt
  • David F. McAllister
  • Harry Perros
  • Douglas S. Reeves
  • Woodrow Robbins
  • Carla D. Savage
  • William J. Stewart
  • Alan L. Tharp
  • David J. Thuente

Adjunct Faculty

  • Ram Chillarege
  • Aldo Dagnino
  • Steven Hunter
  • Chris Martens
  • Wookhee Min
  • Peng Ning
  • Christopher Parnin
  • Injong Rhee
  • Robert St. Amant
  • Xiaogang (Cliff) Wang
  • Tao Xie