University Catalog 2023-2024

Electric Power Systems Engineering (MS): Internship Concentration

Degree Requirements

This concentration will require an Internship of at least four months duration (maximum of seven months) and the student to take  3 credit hours of ECE 650 and obtain a Satisfactory grade. An internship of at least four calendar months duration would require that it span at least one semester and possibly part of summer. The credits for ECE 650 would be taken during the semester that includes the internship. The  student would be considered as being enrolled full time during that semester. 

A student would not enroll in this concentration in their first semester. They would switch to it in  a later semester if they secure a suitable internship. Per normal CPT rules, International  students studying on an F-1 visa would have to be present on a US campus for two full semesters (a full academic year), and present at NC State for one semester, before using CPT  privileges to take an internship. If a student switches to this concentration but does not start the  internship, they will switch back to the original plan. 

This will be a concentration only for on-campus students. Students enrolled in our distance  education – Engineering Online (EOL) - option will not be eligible.

Core Courses18
Power System Operation and Control
Smart Electric Power Distribution Systems
Renewable Electric Energy Systems
Electric Power Engineering Practicum I
Electric Power Engineering Practicum II
Power Electronics
Power System Transients Analysis
Concentration Requirement3
Internship *
Elective Courses9
Select a minimum of four of the following:
System Control Engineering
Power Electronics
Design of Electromechanical Systems
Electric Motor Drives
Electric Power System Protection
The Business of the Electric Utility Industry
Communication and SCADA Systems for Smart Grid
Power System Transients Analysis
Solid State Solar and Thermal Energy Harvesting
Special Topics In Electrical Engineering
Advanced Feedback Control
Dynamics and Control of Electric Machines
Power System Stability and Control
Computational Methods for Power Systems
Energy and Climate
Total Hours30


Full Professors

  • Mesut E. Baran
  • Subhashish Bhattacharya
  • Aranya Chakrabortty
  • Robert Wendell Heath
  • Iqbal Husain
  • Ning Lu
  • Srdjan M. Lukic
  • Daryoosh Vashaee
  • John Victor Veliadis
  • Wenye Wang
  • Jonathan Wierer

Associate Professors

  • Zeljko Pantic
  • Nuria Gonzalez Prelcic
  • Nitin Sharma

Assistant Professors

  • Amay Jairaj Bandodkar
  • Spyridon Pavlidis
  • Wenyuan Tang

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Douglas C. Hopkins
  • David Lee Lubkeman
  • Leonard Wilson White
  • Wensong Yu