University Catalog 2024-2025

Engineering Education (Certificate)

The Colleges of Engineering and Education jointly offer a Graduate Certificate Program (GCP) in Engineering Education. The program is intended for both working professionals, such as community college educators and working engineers who have teaching engineering topics as a part of their job responsibilities, and graduate students enrolled at NC State. Individuals who enroll in the program must have backgrounds in at least one field of engineering, applied mathematics, and/or engineering physics , and would select the program to provide distinction in their academic records that may improve career prospects. Students who wish to pursue a traditional engineering academic career may also choose to take the certificate to enhance their employability at a wider range of institutions and to prepare themselves for educating 21st century engineers.

We enroll both on-campus, and distance education students through Engineering Online (EOL) (including practicing professionals). The GCP will be attractive to individuals who work (or wish to work) in engineering education in academia or industry around the country. This includes engineering graduates who wish to become a tenure track professor and wish to bolster their teaching skills and engineering professionals who want to make a career transition from industry into academia. The course offerings have been structured such that students may tailor it to their individual goals. Each student will choose a minimum of four courses.

More Information

Engineering Education Program Website

Applicant Information

  • Delivery Method: On-Campus, Online, Hybrid
  • Entrance Exam: None
  • Interview Required: None

Application Deadlines

Please visit The Graduate School Application Deadlines page for more information.

Plan Requirements

Engineering Requirements6
Select two of the following courses:
EED 501
Teaching Undergraduate Engineers (pending ABGS approval Fall 2022) 1
Engineering Education : Content, Assessment, and Pedagogy
EED 511
Diversity & Social Justice in Engineering Education (pending ABGS approval Fall 2022) 2
EED 514
Ethics and Engineering Education (pending approval ABGS Fall 2022) 2
Education Requirements6
Select two of the following courses:
Foundations for Teaching Technology 1
Teaching Creative Problem Solving 1
College Environments 1
Student Development Theory 1
Total Hours12

The EED 501 and EED 502, TED 530, EAC 542, EAC 543, and TED 558 are offered yearly.


EED 511 and EED 514 are offered at least in alternating years.



  • Aaron Clark

Associate Professor

  • Wendy Krause

Assistant Professors

  • Veronica Catete
  • Tamecia Jones

Teaching Professor

  • Sarah Heckman

Teaching Associate Professors

  • Laura Bottomley
  • Kanton Reynolds

Teaching Assistant Professor

  • Tameshia Ballard Baldwin