University Catalog 2023-2024

Health Physics (Certificate)

The Graduate Certificate in Health Physics (GCHP) is intended to support industry, government, military and the national laboratories with expertise in radiation safety for workers who have not had formal education in the same. Many engineers and specialists work in the nuclear field who might be mechanical, electrical or civil engineers, etc. and may seek to supplement this education with radiation safety science and technology. Even graduate nuclear engineering students often have interest in health physics and obtaining this credential will enable them to demonstrate to future employers a meaningful commitment and basic competence in the same. It is further intended that this curriculum will assist students seeking to eventually become certified as health physicists through the American Board of Health Physics. This certificate is intended to help prepare students for the Board exam, and to qualify them to obtain professional experience that is also required for certification.

Plan Requirements 

Required Courses6
Radiation Safety and Shielding
Health Physics and Radiological Emergency Response
Additional Courses6
Select two courses from the following:
Radiation and Reactor Fundamentals
Principles of Radiation Measurement
Nuclear Waste Management
Radiological Assessment
Total Hours12