University Catalog 2024-2025

Nuclear Engineering (MR)

Master of Nuclear Engineering Degree Requirements

Core Courses18
Select 500 - 796 level courses approved in conjunction with the academic committee *
Research Course3
Master's Supervised Research
Interdisciplinary Courses9
"Interdisciplinary Courses" are approved in conjunction with the academic committee to meet 30 total hours
Total Hours30

Students are required to take one course above the 700 level.

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Degree Requirements

The Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s (ABM) degree program allows exceptional undergraduate students at NC State an opportunity to complete the requirements for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at an accelerated pace. These undergraduate students may double count up to 12 credits and obtain a non-thesis Master’s degree in the same field within 12 months of completing the Bachelor’s degree, or obtain a thesis-based Master’s degree in the same field within 18 months of completing the Bachelor’s degree.

This degree program also provides an opportunity for the Directors of Graduate Programs (DGPs) at NC State to recruit rising juniors in their major to their graduate programs. However, permission to pursue an ABM degree program does not guarantee admission to the Graduate School. Admission is contingent on meeting eligibility requirements at the time of entering the graduate program.


Emeritus Faculty

  • Dmitriy Y. Anistratov
  • Yousry Y. Azmy
  • Mohamed Abdelhay Bourham
  • Nam Truc Dinh
  • Joseph M. Doster
  • Jacob Eapen
  • John G. Gilligan
  • Ayman I. Hawari
  • Kostadin Nikolov Ivanov
  • John Kelly Mattingly
  • Korukonda Linga Murty
  • Steven Christopher Shannon
  • Maria Nikolova Avramova
  • Igor A. Bolotnov
  • Robert Bruce Hayes
  • Djamel Kaoumi
  • Alexander William Bataller
  • Benjamin Warren Beeler
  • Mihai Aurelian Diaconeasa
  • Jia Hou
  • Katharina Stapelmann
  • Xu Wu
  • Ge Yang
  • Eric Paul Loewen
  • Abderrafi M. Ougouag
  • Abderrafi Mohammed El-Amine Ougouag
  • Scott Parker Palmtag
  • Sebastian Schunert
  • Bernard Wehring
  • John Frederick Zino
  • Robin Pierce Gardner
  • Steven Hamilton
  • Pavel Bokov
  • Shannon Michelle Bragg-Sitton
  • Erik Matthews Brubaker
  • Jon Dahl
  • Jeffrey Alan Favorite
  • David Lindsay Green
  • Vincent Joseph Jodoin
  • Philip Allan Kraus
  • Nilesh Kumar
  • Jeffrey William Lane
  • Elijah H. Martin
  • William David Pointer
  • Curtis Lee Smith
  • Rene Van Geemert
  • Louise Gail Worrall
  • Robert Joseph Zerr

Associate Professor

  • Lingfeng He

Assistant Professors

  • Wen Jiang
  • Florian Laggner
  • Amanda Lietz

Teaching Assistant Professor

  • Zeinab Yousef Alsmadi