University Catalog 2023-2024


NC State offers two closely linked interdepartmental graduate programs in Genomic Sciences. All students pursuing degrees in either Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics will take a shared core set of courses that promote breadth of knowledge and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

Functional Genomics students focus on laboratory research requiring the collection and interpretation of massive data sets that enhance our knowledge of organismal biology, gene expression, protein and nucleic acid structure and function, and genetic and environmental interactions. Bioinformatics students develop skills to manage and analyze these large and complex “omics” data sets. These two groups of students will be prepared to work seamlessly as parts of teams addressing fundamentally important problems in areas including the biomedical sciences, plant and animal breeding, evolutionary biology, ecology, and toxicology.

Unique and exceptional resources include the Bioinformatics Research Center and the Genome Research Laboratory.

Admission Requirements

Students applying to either the Master’s or PhD program in Bioinformatics are evaluated on their background in three key areas: mathematics and statistics; genetics and biological sciences; and computer science. Students should have completed at least two semesters of calculus, and additional courses in mathematics and statistics are preferred. Evidence of basic computer programming skills is required. A course in genetics is strongly encouraged. Previous research experience is a significant advantage.

Master's Degree Requirements

Students take a 15-credit core curriculum shared by all students in the Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics degree programs, followed by additional bioinformatics and elective courses. The Master's of Bioinformatics requires a minimum of 33 credit hours. No thesis is required.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

Students take a 15-credit core curriculum shared by all students in the Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics degree programs, followed by additional bioinformatics and elective courses. The Ph.D. in Bioinformatics requires a total of 72 credits, and all students participate in a journal club, monthly seminar series and research ethics training. All PhD students assemble advisory committees including faculty from both Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics to promote effective interdisciplinary research and collaboration, and many students have co-advisors representing different fields.

Student Financial Support

Fellowships are available through the program, and students may also be supported by research and training grants awarded to our faculty members. 


Full Professors

  • Jose Miguel Alonso
  • Christopher M. Ashwell
  • David M. Bird
  • Donald L. Bitzer
  • Russell J. Borski
  • Matthew Breen
  • Dennis T. Brown
  • Ignazio Carbone
  • Marie Davidian
  • Jon Doyle
  • Robert Graham Franks
  • Sujit K. Ghosh
  • Amy Michele Grunden
  • Jason M. Haugh
  • Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver
  • Erich L. Kaltofen
  • Robert M. Kelly
  • Matthew D. Koci
  • Cristina Lanzas
  • Bailian Li
  • Hsiao-Ching Liu
  • Christian Maltecca
  • Earl S. Maxwell
  • Melissa Schuster Merrill
  • David C. Muddiman
  • Spencer V. Muse
  • Charles H. Opperman
  • James N. Petitte
  • Robert M. Petters
  • Jorge A. Piedrahita
  • Brian J. Reich
  • Maria C. Sagui
  • Barbara Sherry
  • Seth M. Sullivant
  • Jeffrey L. Thorne
  • Jung-Ying Tzeng
  • Mladen Alan Vouk
  • Ross W. Whetten
  • Fred Andrew Wright
  • Qiuyun Xiang
  • Zhaobang Zeng
  • Daowen Zhang

Associate Professors

  • David Lawrence Aylor
  • Nicolas Buchler
  • Gavin Clay Conant
  • Michael B. Goshe
  • Steffen Heber
  • Slavko Komarnytsky
  • David S. Lalush
  • Terri A. Long
  • Arnab Maity
  • Flora Meilleur
  • Dahlia M. Nielsen
  • Jonathan W. Olson
  • Xinxia Peng
  • David Michael Reif
  • Michael L. Sikes
  • Charles Eugene Smith
  • Lori June Unruh Snyder
  • Yihui Zhou

Assistant Professors

  • Hamid Ashrafi
  • Louis-Marie Bobay
  • Benjamin J. Callahan
  • Abdulkerim Eroglu
  • Rafael Felipe Guerrero Farias
  • Denis Fourches
  • Joseph Lee Gage
  • Caitlin Heil
  • Amanda Marie Hulse
  • Jicai Jiang
  • Xingchen Lin
  • Kurt Marsden
  • David Rasmussen
  • Christina Zakas

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Patricia A. Estes
  • Jane L. Lubischer

Emeritus Faculty

  • William Reid Atchley
  • Wendy F. Boss
  • Rebecca S. Boston
  • James W. Brown
  • Vincent L. C. Chiang
  • Eugene Eisen
  • Todd Robert Klaenhammer
  • Wayne Tompkins
  • Anastasios A. Tsiatis
  • Paul L. Wollenzien