University Catalog 2023-2024

Biotechnology (Minor)

M.S. and Ph.D. minors in biotechnology are available to students who successfully complete at least eight credit hours in selected laboratory core courses and conduct their graduate thesis research in an area of biotechnology. At least one member of the student's thesis committee must be a member of the Biotechnology faculty. Research in biotechnology is focused in three main areas: recombinant DNA technology, bioprocessing/bioanalytical techniques, and in vitro culture techniques. The multidisciplinary nature of biotechnology means that a wide range of research topics and techniques are applicable.

Students wishing to pursue graduate studies leading to either a M.S. or Ph.D. minor in biotechnology must enroll and conduct their research in a participating department. For specific information about enrollment requirements, contact the participating departments of interest to you directly.

Plan Requirements

Required Course4
Core Technologies in Molecular and Cellular Biology 1
Elective Courses4
Select two of the following:
Protein Purification
Real-time PCR Techniques
Animal Cell Culture Techniques
PCR and DNA Fingerprinting
Genome Mapping
RNA Interference and Model Organisms
Protein Interactions
Plant Genetic Engineering
Mapping the Brain
High-Throughput Discovery
Yeast Metabolic Engineering
Plant Transformation
Advanced Special Topics (Professional Development)
Advanced Special Topics (Research Ethics)
Advanced Special Topics (Capstone Biotechnology)
Additional courses will be determined in conjunction with the academic committee
Total Hours8

Full Professor

  • Robert M. Kelly

Associate Professors

  • Laurianne Chantal Van Landeghem
  • Brina Mortensen Montoya
  • Lauren V. Schnabel

Assistant Professors

  • Natalia Duque-Wilckens
  • Wusheng Liu
  • Kasie Raymann
  • Breanna Jo Sheahan
  • Justin Whitehill

  • Christa Baker
  • Petra Bizikova
  • Nathan Crook
  • Glenn P. Cruse
  • Mary Elting
  • Manuel Kleiner
  • Sharonda Latrice Johnson LeBlanc
  • Kelly Meiklejohn
  • Santosh Mishra
  • Benjamin J. Reading
  • Jack Wang
  • Xiaoqiu Wang
  • Stefanie Chen
  • Carlos C. Goller
  • Melissa Srougi
  • Yang Zhang