University Catalog 2024-2025

Water Resources (Minor)

The interdisciplinary, interdepartmental graduate minor in water resources is designed for students majoring in the many disciplines of natural resources, science, engineering, technology, and social sciences that are relevant to water resources. The minor exposes students to water resources courses and faculty members within and outside their major fields of study.

The graduate minor in water resources (WR) requires successful completion (“B-” or better in each individual WR course, GPA of 3.0 or better across all WR courses counted toward the minor) of at least 9 credits of WR courses chosen from the lists below. At least 3 of the 9 credits (for M.S. students) or 6 of the 9 credits (for Ph.D. students) must be from outside the student’s major department. For M.S. students (not Ph.D. students), up to 3 credits at the 400-level may be included if these credits are from outside the student’s major department. For students earning an M.S. before enrolling in a Ph.D. program, courses taken to satisfy a WR minor in the M.S. program can not be counted toward a WR minor in the subsequent Ph.D. program. However, WR courses taken during the M.S. program may count toward a WR minor in the subsequent Ph.D. program if the M.S. program did not include a WR minor.

Master's Minor Requirement

Required Courses9
See "Focus Areas" listed below 1
Total Hours9
  • At least 3 credit hours must be from outside major

Doctoral Minor Requirements

Required Courses12
See "Focus Areas" listed below 2
Total Hours12
  • At least 6 credit hours must be from outside major

Minor Focus Areas

Hydrological and Meteorological Aspects of Water Resources

BAE 502Instrumentation for Hydrologic Applications3
BAE 576Watershed Monitoring and Assessment3
BAE 577Wetlands Design and Restoration3
BAE 581Open Channel Hydraulics for Natural Systems3
BAE 583Stream Corridor 3 Es: Ecohydraulics, Engineering and Ethics3
BAE 584Introduction to Fluvial Geomorphology3
BAE/SSC 7713
CE 584Hydraulics Of Ground Water3
CE 586Engineering Hydrology3
CE 607Water Resource and Environmental Engineering Seminar1
FOR 420/520/NR 420/520Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology4
MEA 455Micrometeorology3
MEA 481Geomorphology: Earth's Dynamic Surface3
MEA 485Introduction to Hydrogeology3
MEA 585Physical Hydrogeology3
MEA 715Dynamics of Mesoscale Precipitation System3
SSC 470/570Wetland Soils3
SSC 511Soil Physics4

Water Quality Aspects of Water Resources

BAE 473Introduction to Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling3
BAE/SSC 573Introduction to Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling3
CE 585Principles of Surface Water Quality Modeling3
MEA 760Biogeochemistry3
MEA 763Isotope Geochemistry3
MEA 785Chemical Hydrogeology3
SSC 442Soil and Environmental Biogeochemistry3
SSC 521Soil Chemistry3

Biological and Ecological Aspects of Water Resources

BAE 472/572Irrigation and Drainage3
BAE 574DRAINMOD: Theory and Application3
BAE 575Design of Structural Stormwater Best Management Practices3
BAE 578Circular Approach to Manure Management3
BAE 580Introduction to Land and Water Engineering3
CE 484Water Supply and Waste Water Systems3
CE 571Physical Principles of Environmental Engineering3
CE 574Chemical Principles of Environmental Engineering3
CHE 575Advances in Pollution Prevention: Environmental Management for the Future3
CS/HS/SSC/TOX 725Pesticide Chemistry1
CS/HS/SSC/TOX 727Pesticide Behavior and Fate In the Environment2
NR 521Wetland Science and Management3
SSC 562Environmental Applications Of Soil Science3

Legal, Institutional, and Economic Aspects of Water Resources

ECG 515Environmental and Resource Policy3
ET 460Practice of Environmental Technology3
LAR 430Site Planning3
NR 460Renewable Natural Resource Management and Policy3
NR 571Current Issues in Natural Resource Policy3
NR 484Environmental Impact Assessment4
PA 550Environmental Policy3


  • Josh Heitman


  • Aziz Amoozegar
  • Sankar Arumugam
  • Francois Birgand
  • Michael Burchell
  • JoAnn Burkholder
  • Greg Cope
  • David Genereux
  • William F Hunt
  • Detlef Knappe
  • Richard McLaughlin
  • Deanna Osmond
  • Michael Vepraskas
  • Mohamed Youssef

Associate Professor

  • Karl Wegmann

Assistant Professors

  • Celso Castro-Bolinaga
  • Chad Poole


  • Barbara Doll

Emeritus Faculty

  • Damian Shea