University Catalog 2024-2025

Forestry (MS)

Degree Requirement

The department offers training in all of the major sub-disciplines of forest, natural resources, and environmental-related science and management. Considerable flexibility is allowed in developing graduate programs tailored to the student's objectives.

Minor Courses9
Select a minor in another program
Other Courses21
The additional courses that will be applied to reach 30 credit hours will be determined in conjunction with the academic committee
Total Hours30

Forestry Courses

Select courses from the following list to reach 30 - 36 total hours
FOR 501Dendrology3
FOR 502Forest Measurements1
FOR 503Tree Physiology1
FOR 504The Practice of Silviculture3
FOR 505Forest Management4
FOR 506Silviculture Laboratory1
FOR 508Applied Forest Ecology: Natural Forest Silviculture3
FOR 509Forest Resource Policy1
FOR 513Silviculture for Intensively Managed Plantations3
FOR 514Woodland Stewardship3
FOR 519Forest Economics3
FOR 520Watershed and Wetlands Hydrology4
FOR 522Consulting Forestry3
FOR 531Wildland Fire Science3
FOR 532Wildland Firefighter3
FOR 534Forest Operations and Analysis3
FOR 540Advanced Dendrology3
FOR 561Forest Communities of the Southeastern Coastal Plain1
FOR 562Forest Communities of the Southern Appalachians1
FOR 565Plant Community Ecology4
FOR 574Forest Mensuration and Modeling3
FOR 575Advanced Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology3
FOR 583Tropical Forestry3
FOR 595Special Topics1-6
FOR 601Graduate Seminar1
FOR 603Research Methods in Forestry and Environmental Resources1
FOR 610Special Topics In Forestry1-6
FOR 630Independent Study in Forestry1
FOR 685Master's Supervised Teaching1-3
FOR 688Non-Thesis Masters Continuous Registration - Half Time Registration1
FOR 689Non-Thesis Master Continuous Registration - Full Time Registration3
FOR 693Master's Supervised Research1-9
FOR 695Master's Thesis Research1-9
FOR 696Summer Thesis Research1
FOR 713Advanced Topics In Silviculture3
FOR 725Forest Genetics3
FOR 726Advanced Topics In Quantitative Genetics and Breeding3
FOR 727Tree Improvement Research Techniques3
FOR 728Quantitative Forest Genetics Methods3
FOR 734Advanced Forest Management Planning3
FOR 750Ecological Restoration3
FOR 753Environmental Remote Sensing3
FOR 7844
FOR 795Advanced Special Topics in Forestry1-6


  • Robert Carroll Abt
  • Maricar Aguilos
  • Robert E. Bardon
  • Frederick Willis Cubbage
  • Christopher S. DePerno
  • Stith Gower
  • George R. Hess
  • Gary Ray Hodge
  • Fikret Isik
  • John S. King
  • Bailian Li
  • Steven Edward McKeand
  • Ross Meentemeyer
  • Mark Megalos
  • Christopher E. Moorman
  • Stacy Arnold Charles Nelson
  • Elizabeth Guthrie Nichols
  • Marcus Peterson
  • Joseph Peter Roise
  • Robert Scheller
  • Erin Odonnell Sills
  • Mary Watzin
  • Ross W. Whetten
  • Justin Scott Baker
  • Gary B. Blank
  • Rachel Cook
  • Caren Beth Cooper
  • Jason Delborne
  • Ryan Emanuel
  • Madhusudan Katti
  • Marcelo Ardon Sayao
  • Theodore Henry Shear
  • Mirela Tulbure
  • Angela Malelya Allen
  • Elizabeth Typhina
  • Juan Jose Acosta
  • Jennifer Richmond Bryant
  • Jennifer Costanza
  • Solomon Beyene Ghezehei
  • Stephanie Jeffries
  • Robert Miller Jetton
  • Roland Kays
  • Megan Lupek
  • Albert Edward Mayfield
  • Kevin M Potter
  • Douglas J. Frederick
  • Dennis W. Hazel

Associate Professor

  • Ivana Mali

Assistant Professors

  • Ayse Ercuman
  • Jodi Forrester
  • Josh Gray
  • Jordan Kern
  • Zakiya Holmes Leggett
  • Katie Martin
  • Meredith Pearl Martin
  • Kelly Felderhoff Oten
  • Jamain Pacitici
  • Rajan Parajuli
  • Kitt Payn
  • Leah Rathbun
  • Louie Rivers
  • Lindsey Suzanne Smart
  • Kurt Smith
  • Trevor Davis Walker
  • Jack Wang
  • Justin Graham Alexander Whitehill