University Catalog 2023-2024

Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (Minor)

Plan Requirements

Master's Requirements

Required Courses6
Human Behavior and the Environment
Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries
Elective Courses3
Select a course listed under "Elective Courses" approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Total Hours9

Doctoral Requirements

Required Courses6
PRT 550Human Behavior and the Environment3
FW 511Human Dimensions of Wildlife and Fisheries3
Elective Courses6
Select two courses listed under "Elective Courses" approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Total Hours18

Elective Courses

PRTM Graduate Programs

PRT 555Environmental Impacts of Recreation and Tourism3
PRT 560Theory and Practice of Partnerships for Conservation and Community Sustainability3
PRT 700Advanced Theories in Park, Recreation and Tourism Research3
PRT 701Research Methods in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management3
PRT 705Foundations of Qualitative Research in Social and Environmental Justice3

FWCB and FER Graduate Programs

FW 730Ethics in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences2

NR Graduate Programs

NR 500Natural Resource Management4
NR 571Current Issues in Natural Resource Policy3

College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) Graduate Programs

ANT 516Research Methods in Cultural Anthropology3
ANT 550Culture, Ecology, and Sustainable Living3
ANT 575Environmental Archaeology3
HI 540American Environmental History3
HI 587Cultural Resource Management3
PA 515Research Methods and Analysis3
PA 550Environmental Policy3
PA 552Science and Technology Policy3
SOC 763Environmental Sociology3


EMS 594Special Problems In Science Teaching (Learning in Informal Contexts)1-3
EMS 794Special Problems in Science Teaching (Learning in Informal Contexts)3-6

College of Design Graduate Programs

LAR 542Human Use of the Urban Landscape3


  • Jason N Bocarro
  • Frederick Willis Cubbage
  • Jason Aaron Delborne
  • Myron Fran Floyd
  • George R Hess
  • Yu-Fai Leung
  • Christopher E Moorman
  • Norman Aaron Mowatt
  • Stacy Arnold Charles Nelson
  • Markus Nils Peterson
  • Erin Lynn Seekamp
  • Erin Sills

Associate Professors

  • Jennifer Richmond Bryant
  • Caren Beth Cooper
  • Bethany Brooke Cutts
  • James Aaron Hipp
  • Madhusudan Vithal Katti
  • Lincoln Ray Larson
  • Kathryn Tate Stevenson

Assistant Professors

  • Rajan Parajuli
  • Jelena Vukomanovic