University Catalog 2023-2024

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (MS)

Degree Requirements

Required Courses15
Conceptual Foundations of Recreation
Statistical Methods For Researchers I *
Research Methods in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism Management
Master's Thesis Research
Elective Courses15
"Elective Courses" are approved in conjunction with the academic committee to meet 30 total hours (see "Suggested Electives" listed below)
Total Hours30

Suggested Electives 

Select a minimum of five elective courses:15
ANT 531Tourism, Culture and Anthropology3
ANT 533Anthropology of Ecotourism and Heritage Conservation3
COM 536/798Seminar in Environmental Communication
COM 562/798Communication and Social Change3
DDN 779Human Use of the Urban Landscape3
ECG 540Economic Development3
ECI 709Special Problems In Curriculum and Instruction (Elementary STEM and Environmental Learning in Informal Settings)3
ED 711Applied Quantitative Methods in Education II3
ENG 626Advanced Writing for Empirical Research3
FOR 595Special Topics (Environmental Justice and Decision Making)1-6
GIS 510Fundamentals of Geospatial Information Science and Technology3
GIS 520Spatial Problem Solving3
HI/ANT 587Cultural Resource Management3
MEA 593Special Topics in Atmospheric Science (Climate Communication)1-6
NR 595Special Topics in Natural Resources (Conserving Urban Biodiversity)1-6
NR 400/500Natural Resource Management4
NR 460/560Renewable Natural Resource Management and Policy3
PA 515Research Methods and Analysis3
PA 536Management of Nonprofit Organizations3
PA 715Quantitative Policy Analysis3
PA 771Seminar on Nonprofit Organizations3
PRT 595/795Special Topics In Recreation Resources (Social Science Research Methods in Natural Resources)1-6
PRT 555Environmental Impacts of Recreation and Tourism3
PRT 795Special Topics in Recreation Resources (Advanced qualitative research methods)1-6
PSY 584Advanced Developmental Psychology3
SOC 711Research Methods In Sociology I3
SOC 791Special Topics In Sociology (Seminar in Environmental Sociology)1-6
ST 503Fundamentals of Linear Models and Regression3
ST 505Applied Nonparametric Statistics3
ST 507Statistics For the Behavioral Sciences I3
ST 508Statistics For the Behavioral Sciences II3
ST 511Statistical Methods For Researchers I3
ST 512Statistical Methods For Researchers II 3
ST 590Special Topics (Applied Bayesian Analysis)1-6
ST 711Design Of Experiments3
ST 715Theory Of Sampling Applied To Survey Design3
ST 744Categorical Data Analysis3


Full Professors

  • Norman Aaron Mowatt