University Catalog 2024-2025

Biomathematics (PhD)

Degree Requirements

Students may choose from the degree tracks below to complete coursework within a focus area.

Degrees earned will be distributed as: "Doctor of Philosophy in Biomathematics" without track specifications.

Required Courses15
Biomathematics I
Biomathematics II
Stochastic Modeling
Partial Differential Equation Modeling in Biology
Seminar 1
Biological Sciences Courses9
"Biological Science Courses" will be approved in conjunction with the academic committee 2
Statistics Courses3-6
Required "Statistics Courses" will be approved in conjunction with the academic committee – see "Statistic Course Options" listed below
Mathematical Science Courses9
"Mathematical Science Courses" will be approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Focus Area Track15
See "Focus Area Tracks" 3
Total Hours51-54

BMA 801 Seminar needs to be repeated three times to meet the three credit hour requirement.


Must represent at least two different perspectives.


Must include at least one 700 level course.

Statistic Course Options

Option 1

ST 511Statistical Methods For Researchers I3
ST 512Statistical Methods For Researchers II 3
Total Hours6

Option 2 

Option Two
ST 512Statistical Methods For Researchers II (R)3
Total Hours3

Focus Track Areas

Biological Sciences

Select five courses, minimum of one form each of the following:15
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Genetics and Development
Biophysical and Biomedical Sciences and Physiology
Ecology and Evolution
Total Hours15

Mathematical Methods 

Select five courses in the following or co-major:15
Operations Research
Computer Studies
Total Hours15


Full Professors

  • Kevin Gross
  • Mansoor Abbas Haider
  • Carol K. Hall
  • Jason M. Haugh
  • George R. Hess
  • Alun L. Lloyd
  • Sharon R. Lubkin
  • Spencer V. Muse
  • Mette Olufsen
  • Brian J. Reich
  • Seth M. Sullivant
  • Jeffrey L. Thorne
  • Hien Trong Tran
  • Zhaobang Zeng

Associate Professors

  • Gavin Clay Conant
  • Randall Brian Langerhans
  • Cristina Lanzas
  • Gustavo Machado
  • Charles Eugene Smith
  • Rosangela Sozzani

Assistant Professors

  • Belinda Sena Akpa
  • Zixuan Cang
  • Jie Cao
  • Kevin Bryant Flores
  • David Alan Rasmussen

Emeritus Faculty

  • William Reid Atchley
  • John William Bishir
  • Marlene L. Hauck
  • Gail G. McRae
  • Kenneth Hugh Pollock
  • Jim E. Riviere
  • Henry E. Schaffer
  • James Francis Selgrade
  • Ronald Edwin Stinner

Adjunct Faculty

  • John Edward Banks
  • Georgiy Bobashev
  • Brian Ernest Carlson
  • James W. Gilliam
  • Nicholas M. Haddad
  • Thomas D. Husmeier
  • Dustin Kapraun
  • Julia S. Kimbell
  • W. Owen McMillan III
  • Suzanne Marie Lenhart
  • Johnny T. Ottesen
  • Charles Puelz
  • Eric A. Stone