University Catalog 2023-2024

Mathematics (Certificate)

The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics is a one-year program that focuses on two groups of students.  It is designed for students who have some mathematical training but do not have a full bachelor’s degree in mathematics.  It also targets students who have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics but do not feel they are ready for graduate school.

The goal of the certificate is to prepare and motive students through courses and careful mentoring.  The program will deepen and broaden students’ understanding of mathematics, the mathematics profession, and the mathematical community.  Students will learn how the mathematics discipline can solve significant problems for government, industry,  other scientists, and ultimately, society at large.


Application to the program requires an online application form, three (3) letters of recommendation (two need to be academic), transcripts of all academic work after high school, and a written statement.  GREs are highly desirable but not required for admission.  Admission will be on a competitive basis.


Students take a combination of graduate and undergraduate mathematics courses that are tailored to the individual student.  The certificate requires 12 hours of mathematics courses, taken for a grade, and to be taken at NC State.  There is no specific list of courses for the certificate.

Of the 12 hours, three (3) hours may be at the 400 level with prior approval of the Director of Graduate Programs.  The other nine (9) hours will be at the 500 level or above. Students must take at least two (2) courses per semester to remain in good standing.  A grade of C- is required for a course to count toward the certificate.  A 3.00 GPA is required to earn the certificate.

Plan Requirements

Required Courses *12
One course may me taken at the 400-level with DGP approval
A minimum of three courses must be taken at the 500- or 700-level
Total Hours12