University Catalog 2023-2024

Applied Statistics and Data Management (Certificate)

In the Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics and Data Management, students will learn statistical methods and how to apply them in real world settings and about statistical programming techniques that are required for managing data in a typical workplace environment.


The application process is very simple, there are no official prerequisites except for an undergraduate degree. Applicants should demonstrate an appropriate level of mathematical maturity to allow them to succeed in the certificate program. Examples of this would include successful completion of undergraduate coursework or professional work in a quantitative field. Note that the GRE is not required to apply and we only accept students living in North America.

Plan Requirements

Required Courses12
Statistical Programming I
Statistical Programming II
Data Science for Statisticians
Statistical Methods For Researchers I *
Statistics for Management and Social Sciences I
Statistical Methods For Researchers II *
Statistics For Management and Social Sciences II
Total Hours12

  • The certificate will be earned by successful completion of four courses listed above with an average GPA of at least 3.0.