University Catalog 2024-2025

Statistics (MR): Environmental Statistics Concentration

Degree Requirements

Core Courses21
Fundamentals of Statistical Inference I
Fundamentals of Statistical Inference II
Fundamentals of Linear Models and Regression
Statistical Practice
Statistical Programming I
Applied Statistical Methods I
and Applied Statistical Methods II

Concentration Requirements

Statistics Elective Courses3
Select three credit hours of the following:
Applied Spatial Statistics
ST 711
Applied Time Series
Applied Multivariate and Longitudinal Data Analysis
ST 744
Analysis of Survival Data
Supporting Elective Courses6
"Supporting Elective Courses" are approved in conjunction with the academic committee *
Total Hours30

Elective courses can fall within the following subjects: Environmental Policy, Economics, Epidemiology, Toxicology/Risk Assessment, Mathematics, MEAS, GIS, Botany & Ecology, Biomathematics, and Zoology.


Department Head

  • K. Sellers

Associate Department Heads

  • E. Griffith
  • W. Lu

Director of Statistics Graduate Programs

  • W. Lu

Director of Statistics Undergraduate Programs

  • S. Muse

Director of Online Programs

  • J. Post

Director of Bioinformatics Research Center

  • F. Wright

Director of Bioinformatics Graduate Program

  • S. Muse

R.A. Fisher Distinguished Professor of Statistics

  • L. Stefanski

J. Stuart Hunter Distinguished Professor

  • M. Davidian

Cox Distinguished Professor of Statistics

  • B. Reich

Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professors

  • M. Davidian
  • A. Wilson

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professors

  • T. Reiland

Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Professor

  • F. Wright

University Distinguished Professor

  • S. Ghoshal


  • D.D. Boos
  • M. Davidian
  • S. Ghosal
  • S.K. Ghosh
  • K. Gross
  • M. Gumpertz
  • W. Lu
  • A. Maity
  • R. Martin
  • S. Muse
  • J. Osborne
  • B. Reich
  • K. Sellers
  • A. Staicu
  • L.A. Stefanski
  • J.-Y. Tzeng
  • A. Wilson
  • F. Wright
  • D. Zhang

Associate Professors

  • J. Jeng
  • D. Martin
  • T.W. Reiland
  • E. Schliep
  • S. Sengupta
  • C.E. Smith
  • J. Stallrich
  • L. Xiao
  • S. Yang

Assistant Professors

  • A. Booth
  • E. Hector
  • N. Josephs
  • L. Opperman
  • M. Tang
  • J. Williams

Teaching Associate Professors

  • J. Duggins
  • H. McGowan
  • J. Post
  • P. Savariappan

Teaching Assistant Professors

  • J. Duggins
  • L. Opperman
  • S. Wang

Associate Professor of the Practice

  • E. Griffith


  • D.Harris
  • R. Danaher
  • T. Johnson
  • M. Winters

Professor Emeriti

  • P. Bloomfield
  • D. Dickey
  • T. Gerig
  • M. Gumpertz
  • J. Hughes-Oliver
  • J. Monahan
  • W. Swallow
  • J. Thorne
  • A. Tsiatis

Associate and Adjunct Faculty

  • H. Bondell
  • J. Guiness
  • I. Ipsen
  • A. Motsinger-Reif
  • Y. Zhou