University Catalog 2023-2024

Statistics (MR): Statistical Genetics Concentration

Degree Requirements

Core Courses21
Fundamentals of Statistical Inference I
Fundamentals of Statistical Inference II
Fundamentals of Linear Models and Regression
Statistical Practice
Statistical Programming I
Applied Statistical Methods I
and Applied Statistical Methods II

Concentration Requirements

Required Courses9
Select one of the following:
Statistical Principles of Clinical Trials
Applied Bayesian Analysis
Design Of Experiments
Categorical Data Analysis
Analysis of Survival Data
Select six credit hours of the following:
Genetic Data Analysis
Special Topics (Introduction to Bioinformatics)
Special Topics (Bioinformatics II)
Population and Quantitative Genetics
Computational Molecular Evolution
Quantitative Genetics Theory and Methods
Total Hours30


Department Head

  • K. Sellers

Associate Department Heads

  • E. Griffith
  • W. Lu

Director of Statistics Graduate Programs

  • W. Lu

Director of Statistics Undergraduate Programs

  • S. Muse

Director of Online Programs

  • J. Post

Director of Bioinformatics Research Center

  • F. Wright

Director of Bioinformatics Graduate Program

  • S. Muse

R.A. Fisher Distinguished Professor of Statistics

  • L. Stefanski

J. Stuart Hunter Distinguished Professor

  • M. Davidian

Cox Distinguished Professor of Statistics

  • B. Reich

Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professors

  • M. Davidian
  • A. Wilson

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

  • T. Reiland

Goodnight Innovation Distinguished Professor

  • F. Wright

University Distinguished Professor

  • S. Ghoshal


  • D.D. Boos
  • M. Davidian
  • S. Ghosal
  • S.K. Ghosh
  • K. Gross
  • M. Gumpertz
  • W. Lu
  • A. Maity
  • R. Martin
  • S. Muse
  • J. Osborne
  • B. Reich
  • K. Sellers
  • A. Staicu
  • L.A. Stefanski
  • J.-Y. Tzeng
  • A. Wilson
  • F. Wright
  • D. Zhang

Associate Professors

  • J. Jeng
  • D. Martin
  • T.W. Reiland
  • E. Schliep
  • S. Sengupta
  • C.E. Smith
  • J. Stallrich
  • L. Xiao
  • S. Yang

Assistant Professors

  • A. Booth
  • E. Hector
  • N. Josephs
  • L. Opperman
  • M. Tang
  • J. Williams

Teaching Associate Professors

  • J. Duggins
  • H. McGowan
  • J. Post
  • P. Savariappan

Teaching Assistant Professors

  • J. Duggins
  • L. Opperman
  • S. Wang

Associate Professor of the Practice

  • E. Griffith


  • R. Danaher
  • D. Harris
  • T. Johnson
  • M. Winters

Emeritus Faculty

  • P. Bloomfield
  • D. Dickey
  • T. Gerig
  • M. Gumpertz
  • J. Hughes-Oliver
  • J. Monahan
  • W. Swallow
  • J. Thorne
  • A. Tsiatis

Associate and Adjunct Faculty

  • H. Bondell
  • J. Guiness
  • I. Ipsen
  • A. Montsinger-Reif
  • Y. Zhou