Statistics (MS)

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Degree Requirements

Students who are admitted into the Master of Statistics program and choose to complete a thesis will be moved into the Master of Science in Statistics. The degree requirements completed for the Master of Statistics will be applied toward the Master of Science.

Core Courses21
Fundamentals of Statistical Inference I
Fundamentals of Statistical Inference II
Fundamentals of Linear Models and Regression
Statistical Practice
Statistical Programming I
Applied Statistical Methods I
and Applied Statistical Methods II
Elective Courses3-6
Select 3-6 credit hours of any ST course or ST cross-listed course at either the 500-level or 700-level *
Master's Thesis Research
Total Hours30

Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Degree Requirements

The Accelerated Bachelors/Master’s (ABM) degree program allows exceptional undergraduate students at NC State an opportunity to complete the requirements for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at an accelerated pace. These undergraduate students may double count up to 12 credits and obtain a non-thesis Master’s degree in the same field within 12 months of completing the Bachelor’s degree, or obtain a thesis-based Master’s degree in the same field within 18 months of completing the Bachelor’s degree.

This degree program also provides an opportunity for the Directors of Graduate Programs (DGPs) at NC State to recruit rising juniors in their major to their graduate programs. However, permission to pursue an ABM degree program does not guarantee admission to the Graduate School. Admission is contingent on meeting eligibility requirements at the time of entering the graduate program.


  • Dennis D. Boos
  • Marie Davidian
  • Sujit K. Ghosh
  • Subhashis Ghoshal
  • Kevin Gross
  • Marcia Lynn Gumpertz
  • Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver
  • Eric Benjamin Laber
  • Wenbin Lu
  • Ryan G. Martin
  • Spencer V. Muse
  • Jason A. Osborne
  • Brian J. Reich
  • Erin Mary Schliep
  • Rui Song
  • Ana-Maria Staicu
  • Leonard A. Stefanski
  • Jeffrey L. Thorne
  • Jung-Ying Tzeng
  • Alyson Gabbard Wilson
  • Fred Andrew Wright
  • Daowen Zhang
  • Xinge Jessie Jeng
  • Arnab Maity
  • Donald Eugene Kemp Martin
  • Thomas W. Reiland
  • Charles Eugene Smith
  • Eric C. Chi
  • Emily Hector
  • Karl Timothy LeRoy Pazdernik
  • Srijan Sengupta
  • Jonathan W. Stallrich
  • Minh Tang
  • Jonathan Paul Williams
  • Luo Xiao
  • Shu Yang
  • Jonathan W. Duggins
  • Emily H. Griffith
  • Herle M. McGowan
  • Logan J. Opperman
  • Justin B. Post
  • Paul R. Savariappan
  • Shuting Wang
  • William Reid Atchley
  • Peter Bloomfield
  • Cavell Brownie
  • David Alan Dickey
  • Thomas Michael Gerig
  • Harvey J. Gold
  • Thomas Johnson
  • John F. Monahan
  • Kenneth Hugh Pollock
  • Charles P. Quesenberry
  • John Oren Rawlings
  • Don L. Ridgeway
  • Moon Won Suh
  • William H. Swallow
  • Anastasios A. Tsiatis
  • John L. Wasik
  • Howard D. Bondell
  • Soumendra Nath Lahiri
  • Alison Anne Motsinger-Reif
  • Eric A. Stone
  • Yichao Wu