Statistics (PhD)

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Degree Requirements

Required Course Work12
Advanced Probability for Statistical Inference
Advanced Statistical Inference
Computation for Statistical Research
Statistical Consulting 1
Ethics Sequence
Advanced Topics in Statistics
and Introduction to Research Ethics (Ethics in Statistics)
Core Elective Courses9
Select nine credit hours of the following:
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Spatial Statistics
Bayesian Inference and Analysis
Introduction To Stochastic Processes
Advanced Special Topics
Supporting Elective Courses3
Select a minimum of three credit hours of coursework approved in conjunction with the academic committee 2
Additional Courses48
"Additional Courses" are approved in conjunction with the academic committee to meet 72 total hours 3
Total Hours72


  • Dennis D. Boos
  • Marie Davidian
  • Sujit K. Ghosh
  • Subhashis Ghoshal
  • Kevin Gross
  • Marcia Lynn Gumpertz
  • Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver
  • Eric Benjamin Laber
  • Wenbin Lu
  • Ryan G. Martin
  • Spencer V. Muse
  • Jason A. Osborne
  • Brian J. Reich
  • Erin Mary Schliep
  • Rui Song
  • Ana-Maria Staicu
  • Leonard A. Stefanski
  • Jeffrey L. Thorne
  • Jung-Ying Tzeng
  • Alyson Gabbard Wilson
  • Fred Andrew Wright
  • Daowen Zhang
  • Xinge Jessie Jeng
  • Arnab Maity
  • Donald Eugene Kemp Martin
  • Thomas W. Reiland
  • Charles Eugene Smith
  • Eric C. Chi
  • Emily Hector
  • Karl Timothy LeRoy Pazdernik
  • Srijan Sengupta
  • Jonathan W. Stallrich
  • Minh Tang
  • Jonathan Paul Williams
  • Luo Xiao
  • Shu Yang
  • Jonathan W. Duggins
  • Emily H. Griffith
  • Herle M. McGowan
  • Logan J. Opperman
  • Justin B. Post
  • Paul R. Savariappan
  • Shuting Wang
  • William Reid Atchley
  • Peter Bloomfield
  • Cavell Brownie
  • David Alan Dickey
  • Thomas Michael Gerig
  • Harvey J. Gold
  • Thomas Johnson
  • John F. Monahan
  • Kenneth Hugh Pollock
  • Charles P. Quesenberry
  • John Oren Rawlings
  • Don L. Ridgeway
  • Moon Won Suh
  • William H. Swallow
  • Anastasios A. Tsiatis
  • John L. Wasik
  • Howard D. Bondell
  • Soumendra Nath Lahiri
  • Alison Anne Motsinger-Reif
  • Eric A. Stone
  • Yichao Wu