University Catalog 2024-2025

Data Science with Graphic and Experience Design (Minor)

The Undergraduate Minor of Data Science with Graphic and Experience Design is a 15 credit interdisciplinary credential that offers a path towards developing essential skills in data science with depth in Graphic and Experience Design (GXD) content. Students who pursue this minor will have the opportunity to learn from data science instructors & practitioners and Graphic Design faculty in industry and academia, alongside their peers from various colleges. Students will pursue courses in data management, communication, applications, ethics, data visualization & representation, and more, in addition to choosing from electives of interest.

Plan Requirements

Required Courses

Required DSC Courses: At least one course from each category6
Data Communication
Introduction to Data Visualization
Data Communication
Ethics, Policy, & Privacy
Data Science for Social Good
Introduction to Data Science for Cybersecurity
Data Management & Analysis
Introduction to R/Python for Data Science
Exploratory Data Analysis for Big Data
Machine Learning and AI
Exploring Machine Learning
Electives or Internships & Capstones
Data Wrangling and Web Scraping
Data Internship Preparation for Social Impact
Required Depth Courses9
One six-credit studio
Advanced Graphic Design Studio (Students must take either the SAS or LAS GD 400 Studio. Prerequisite: GD 301)
One three-credit course from the following list
Introduction to Statistics
Computer Science Principles - The Beauty and Joy of Computing (Restrictions: Cannot have taken CSC 111 or CSC 112 or CSC 113 or CSC 116)
Science Communication and Public Engagement
Contemporary Science, Technology and Human Values (Prerequisite: Sophomore standing)
NOTE 1: Students pursuing multiple Data Science Academy credentials must have at least 2 distinct 1-credit DSC courses and 2 distinct 3-credit depth courses between any two credentials (8 distinct credits total).
NOTE 2: Per university requirements courses already used to satisfy two or more credit requirements cannot also be used to satisfy the data science certificate (or any third requirement).
Total Hours15