University Catalog 2023-2024

Data Science in Business (Certificate)

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Plan Requirements

Required Courses

Required DSC Courses: At least one course from each category6
Data Communication
Introduction to Data Visualization
Data Communication
Ethics, Policy, & Privacy
Data Science for Social Good
Data Management & Analysis
Introduction to R/Python for Data Science (DSC 201 will not count for students who take ST 308 as a coreq for BUS 351.)
Machine Learning and AI
Exploring Machine Learning
Electives or Internships & Capstones
Data Wrangling and Web Scraping
See the published special topics list for courses accepted within a category
Introductory Special Topics in Data Science
Special Topics in Data Science
Graduate Special Topics in Data Science
Required Depth Courses: Two courses from the following 6
Introduction to Business Analytics (Prerequisites: BUS 340 and [BUS 350, or ST 312, or ST 370, or ST 372]; Corequisite: ST 307 or ST 308)
Analytics: From Data to Decisions (Prerequisite: BUS 351)
NOTE 1: DSC 295, DSC 495, and DSC 595 courses must be individually approved for the certificate.
NOTE 2: Students pursuing multiple Data Science Academy credentials must have at least 2 distinct 1-credit DSC courses and 2 distinct 3-credit depth courses between any two credentials (8 distinct credits total).
NOTE 3: Per university requirements courses already used to satisfy two or more credit requirements cannot also be used to satisfy the data science certificate (or any third requirement).
Total Hours12