Office of Research and Innovation

Mladen A. Vouk, Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation
Wade Fulghum, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Research Commercialization
Genevieve Garland, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Operations and Communications
Jonathan Horowitz, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Infrastructure and Development
Rick Liston, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Administration
Lorena McLaren, Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, University Development
Sherrie Settle, Associate Vice Chancellor for Sponsored Programs and Regulatory Compliance
Alyson Wilson, Associate Vice Chancellor for National Security and Special Research Initiatives

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor

As Chief Research Officer (CRO), the Vice Chancellor oversees all research activities at NC State.  Under his authority,  units  reporting to the Office of Research and Innovation centrally  manage  research administration,  the  university' s  intellectual  properties,  and  industry  and government agency alliances  on the  university ' s award-winning  research campus. Researchers  at NC State are supported by $405++ million in sponsored programs from federal, local government,  industry, and nonprofit organizations.  NC State' s research portfolio exceeds 5,000 invention disclosures, 960+ US patents (OR rated #6 in patents issued), 800 active commercialization agreements, and 595+ products to market. Centennial Campus hosts more than 70 corporate, government and nonprofit partners working with the university's 75+ centers and institutes, laboratories and research departments 

Research Operations

The Research Operations Unit provides strategic leadership and support to the Office of Research and Innovation.  The office consists of three units:  Strategic Initiatives, Education and Training, and Marketing and Outreach.  

Integrated Support Services Center (ISSC)

The ISSC was created to provide streamlined, professional services to faculty and administrators, eliminating costly duplication, creating efficiency and improving timeliness.

Research Development

Research Development Office (RDO)

The RDO facilitates collaboration between faculty and interdisciplinary research experts, providing strategic and responsive support that enhances the university's most valued research initiatives. By searching a centralized, easy-to-access portal, researchers quickly find internal and external funding opportunities. Once identified, potential funding translates to successful grants with the help of Research Development's tools and training resources that support researchers as they plan, write, and submit competitive proposals.

Centers + Institutes

NC State's Centers and Institutes reflect the university's commitment to interdisciplinary scholarly pursuit, including research, instruction and public service. These cutting-edge organizations are frontrunners in their field, blazing the trails for other researchers to follow. Research and innovation on topics ranging from climate change to textiles add value to the everyday lives of our state's citizens, maintaining public trust and admiration and standing at the forefront in global excellence for research and discovery. Here, the leadership of these organizations can access the materials, procedures and policies necessary to manage their efforts responsibly, equitably and with the highest integrity.

Proposal Development Unit (PDU)

The PDU supports faculty teams in the development of large-scale, interdisciplinary research proposals.  These services include team facilitation, budget development, writing and editing, and administrative assistance, thereby enabling investigators to concentrate on the research-related aspects of their proposals.  PDU support is available to NC State faculty planning proposals with estimated total budgets of at least $1M.  

Research Administration and Compliance

Sponsored Programs & Regulatory Compliance Services (SPARCS)

SPARCS facilitates the submission of proposals, negotiation of agreements, the administration of internally and externally funded projects, and the administration of subagreements that provide funding to NC State. This includes all aspects of externally sponsored research and scholarship, from pre-award management to non-fiscal post­-award management.

Office of Research Commercialization

Office of Research Commercialization (ORC)

NC State University is a research powerhouse and a powerful economic engine for North Carolina. ORC plays a crucial role in this by protecting and promoting University research discoveries and intellectual property, working with and guiding industry partners, and promoting the acceleration of startups. ORC provides innovators with a wide range of programs and services to protect, market, and license intellectual property developed at NC State. Collaboration with NC State innovators and industry partners has led to the creation of more than 125+ startups and 575+ commercialized products that benefit society on a local, national and global scale. Among surveyed universities without medical schools, NC State consistently ranks among the top 10 for key technology transfer metrics.