CSC Basic Science

CSC Restricted Elective Courses1-6
ACC 310Intermediate Financial Accounting I3
ACC 311Intermediate Financial Accounting II3
ACC 330An Introduction To Income Taxation3
ACC 340Accounting Information Systems3
BUS 320Financial Management3
BUS 340Information Systems Management3
BUS 360Marketing Methods3
BUS 4**
CHE 435Process Systems Analysis and Control3
CHE 465Colloidal and Nanoscale Engineering3
CSC 427Introduction to Numerical Analysis I3
CSC 428Introduction to Numerical Analysis II3
EC 3**
EC 4**
EC 5**
ECE 3** (except for ECE 309)
ECE 4**
ECE 5**
EMS 480Teaching Mathematics with Technology3
GC 3203D Spatial Relations3
GC 350Applied CAD/D and Geometric Controls3
GC 420Visual Thinking3
GN 5**
ISE 311Engineering Economic Analysis3
ISE 361Deterministic Models in Industrial Engineering3
ISE 4**
ISE 5**
LOG 335Symbolic Logic3
LOG 435Advanced Logic & Metamathematics3
LOG 535Advanced Logic and Metamathematics3
MA 302Numerical Applications to Differential Equations1
MA 341Applied Differential Equations I3
MA 351Introduction to Discrete Mathematical Models3
MA 401Applied Differential Equations II3
MA 402Mathematics of Scientific Computing3
MA 403Introduction to Modern Algebra3
MA 405Introduction to Linear Algebra3
MA 407Introduction to Modern Algebra for Mathematics Majors3
MA 408Foundations of Euclidean Geometry3
MA 410Theory of Numbers3
MA 412Long-Term Actuarial Models3
MA 413Short-Term Actuarial Models3
MA 414Foundations of Cryptography3
MA 416Introduction to Combinatorics3
MA 425Mathematical Analysis I3
MA 426Mathematical Analysis II3
MA 427Introduction to Numerical Analysis I3
MA 428Introduction to Numerical Analysis II3
MA 430Mathematical Models in the Physical Sciences3
MA 432Mathematical Models in Life Sciences3
MA 437Applications of Algebra3
MA 440Game Theory3
MA 5**
MAE 3**
MAE 4**
MAE 5**
MIE 3**
MIE 4**
MSE 3**
MSE 4**
MSE 5**
MUS 306
NE 3**
NE 4**
NE 5**
PHI 425Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PSY 307Industrial and Organizational Psychology3
PSY 340Human Factors Psychology3
PSY 400Perception3
PSY 420Cognitive Processes3
PSY 425Introduction to Cognitive Science3
PY 4**
PY 5**
ST 372Introduction to Statistical Inference and Regression3
ST 4**
ST 5**