Biochemistry (MR)

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Master's Degree Requirements

Degrees earned will be distributed as: "Master of Biochemistry" without focus area specifications.

Core Courses13
Macromolecular Structure
Macromolecular Synthesis and Regulation
Molecular Biology Of the Cell
Seminar In Biochemistry 1
Elective Courses17
See "Elective Courses" listed below 2
Total Hours30

Elective Courses

Select courses from any category below17
Molecular and Structural Biochemistry
BCH 555Proteins and Molecular Mechanisms3
BCH 590Special Topics in Biochemistry1-6
BCH 770Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanisms3
BCH 760Protein Crystallography and Macromolecular Modeling3
Plant and Microbial Biology
MB 414Microbial Metabolic Regulation3
MB 505Food Microbiology3
PB 580Introduction to Plant Biotechnology3
PB 595Special Topics in Plant Biology1-6
HS 701Plant Metabolism1
MB 725Fermentation Microbiology3
Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Science
NTR 419Human Nutrition and Chronic Disease3
NTR 500Principles of Human Nutrition3
NTR 501Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism3
NTR 510Maternal and Infant Nutrition3
NTR 555Exercise Nutrition3
NTR 557Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods3
NTR 785Digestion and Metabolism in Ruminants3
PHY 503General Physiology I3
PHY 504General Physiology II3
PHY 780Mammalian Endocrinology3
Animal Science
ANS/BCH 571Regulation of Metabolism3
ANS 701Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism3
ANS 709Energy Metabolism3
Prestage Poultry Science
PO 504Avian Anatomy and Physiology4

Additional Requirements

  • Successful completion of the Master's degree requires a minimum of 30 credit hours.
  • At least 24 credit hours of letter-graded courses (“A,” “B,” “C”, etc.) must be included in the program.


  • Joe Barycki
  • Dennis Brown
  • Linda Kay Hanley-Bowdoin
  • Eric S. Miller
  • Melanie Simpson
  • Colleen Jennifer Doherty
  • Michael B. Goshe
  • Charles C. Hardin
  • Thomas Makris
  • Flora Meilleur
  • Robert B. Rose
  • Joshua J. Strable
  • Guozhou Xu
  • Ruben Rellan Alvarez
  • Abdulkerim Eroglu
  • Arion Kennedy
  • Xiaojing Liu
  • Ryan Charles Sartor
  • Joshua Strable
  • Jose Trinidad Ascencio-Ibanez
  • Raquel Hernandez
  • David G. Presutti
  • Paul Douglas Swartz
  • Cynthia L. Hemenway
  • Horace R. Horton
  • Joseph Stephan Kahn
  • James Arthur Knopp
  • Earl S. Maxwell
  • William Laubach Miller
  • James W. Moyer
  • Ron Ross Sederoff
  • Harold E. Swaisgood
  • Elizabeth C. Theil
  • Paul L. Wollenzien
  • Jason Locasale
  • Michael Milburn
  • Whitney Stutts
  • Peter Thompson