Biological and Agricultural Engineering (MS): Systems Analysis Concentration

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Degree Requirements

Required Courses2
Master's Research Methods I
Master's Research Methods II
Math / Statistics / Biomathematics Courses6
The required "Mathematics / Statistics / Biomathematics Courses" are determined in conjunction with the academic committee
Elective Courses 1, 222
"Elective Courses" are determined in conjunction with the academic committee to meet the 30 total credit hours
Total Hours30

Concentration Electives

A minimum of 6 hours of elective courses must be taken from the following courses:6
BAE 501Sensors and Controls3
BAE 527/427Metabolic Systems Analysis
BAE 535Precision Agriculture Technology3
BAE 541Foundation Tools to Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences Data
BAE 542/542Advanced Analytics to Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences Data
BAE 555R Coding for Data Management and Analysis
BAE 565Environmental and Agricultural Analytics and Modeling3
GIS 512Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing3
MEA 582Geospatial Modeling3


  • Michael D. Boyette
  • Michael R. Burchell II
  • Jay Jiayang Cheng
  • Mari S. Chinn
  • Garey Alton Fox
  • Scott A. Hale
  • William F. Hunt III
  • Lingjuan Wang Li
  • Gary T. Roberson
  • Sanjay Bikram Shah
  • Mohamed A. Youssef
  • Wenqiao Yuan
  • Francois Philippe Birgand
  • John J. Classen
  • Barbara A. Doll
  • Steven George Hall
  • Praveen Kolar
  • Celso Francisco Castro Bolinaga
  • Grant H. Ellington
  • Lucie S. G. Guertault
  • Daniela Jones
  • Suzanne McKay Leonard
  • Chad Ashley Poole
  • Natalie G. Nelson Sagues
  • Chadi Sayde
  • Mahmoud A. N. A. N. Sharara
  • Jason Kellam Ward
  • Sierra Young

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Otto DeBruhl Simmons III

  • George Maynard Chescheir III
  • Robert O. Evans Jr.
  • Garry L. Grabow
  • Rodney L. Huffman
  • Gregory Donald Jennings
  • Richard W. Skaggs
  • Jean Spooner
  • Larry F. Stikeleather
  • Daniel H. Willits

Adjunct Professors

  • Christopher R Daubert
  • Sheila Marie Saia
  • Ratna Rani Sharma