Horticultural Science (MR)

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Degree Requirements

Required Courses12
Professional Presentation Skills in Horticultural Science
Master's Supervised Research
Statistical Methods For Researchers I 1
Statistical Methods For Researchers II 1
Core Courses 24
Select at least 4 courses from the following list:
Breeding Asexually Propagated Crops
Plant Nomenclature
Physiology Of Flowering
Environmental Stress Physiology
Weed Management Systems
Weed Management Systems
Pesticide Chemistry
Pesticide Chemistry
Additional Courses 320
Additional Courses are determined in conjunction with the academic committee to meet the 36 total hours
Total Hours36


  • Lucy K. Bradley
  • Wayne G. Buhler
  • Nancy G. Creamer
  • John Martin Dole
  • Gina E. Fernandez
  • Carlos Ariel Iglesias Frascheri
  • William Carl Fonteno III
  • Christopher Gunter
  • Brian Eugene Jackson
  • Julia L. Kornegay
  • Frank John Louws
  • David W. Monks
  • Joseph C. Neal
  • Penelope M Perkins-Veazie
  • Thomas G. Ranney
  • Jonathan R. Schultheis
  • Julieta Trevino Sherk
  • Todd Craig Wehner
  • Brian E Whipker
  • George C. Yencho
  • Jeanine M. Davis
  • Barbara Fair
  • Ricardo Hernandez
  • Massimo Iorizzo
  • Katherine Mary Jennings
  • Helen Tyler Kraus
  • Anthony V. Lebude
  • Dilip Raj Panthee
  • Michael L. Parker
  • Anne McCombe Spafford
  • Hsuan Chen
  • Hamid Ashrafi
  • Mark Hoffmann
  • Timothy Joseph Kelliher
  • Melinda Jean Knuth
  • Thomas Matthew Kon
  • Wusheng Liu
  • Wusheng Liu
  • Danesha Gita Seth Carley
  • Rebecca Diane Dunning
  • Remington Ariel Ham
  • Marcelo Mollinar
  • Reza Shekasteband
  • Charlotte D. Glen

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Kedong Da