Plant Pathology (MR)

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Master of Plant Pathology Degree Requirements

Core Curriculum12
Biology of Plant Pathogens
Plant Disease: Methods & Diagnosis
Epidemiology and Plant Disease Control
Plant Microbe Interactions
Introduction to Research Ethics (or equivalent research ethics course)
Additional Requirements6
Select minimum of 6 credit hours graduate-level Plant Pathology courses approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Elective Courses12
"Elective Courses" will be determined in conjunction with the academic committee
Total Hours30


Full Professors

  • Peter J. Balint-Kurti
  • David M. Bird
  • Ignazio Carbone
  • Christina Cowger
  • Marc A. Cubeta
  • Eric Lee Davis
  • Ralph A. Dean
  • Shuijin Hu
  • Steven Lommel
  • Frank John Louws
  • David S. Marshall
  • Peter Ojiambo
  • Charles H. Opperman
  • Jean B. Ristaino
  • David F. Ritchie
  • Howard D. Shew
  • Anna Elizabeth Whitfield

Associate Professors

  • James P. Kerns
  • Lina Maria Quesada
  • Dorith Rotenberg

Assistant Professors

  • Oliver Baars
  • Adrienne Marie Gorny
  • Alejandra Itzel Huerta Vazquez
  • David Alan Rasmussen
  • Sara Michelle Villani

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Jennie R. Fagen
  • Barbara B. Shew

Emeritus Faculty

  • Kenneth Barker
  • Durward F. Bateman
  • David M. Benson
  • Marvin K. Beute
  • Ellis B. Cowling
  • Margaret E. Daub
  • Jeng Sheng Huang
  • Ronald K Jones
  • Stephen Robert Koenning
  • Leon T Lucas
  • Thomas A. Melton III
  • Robert D. Milholland
  • James W. Moyer
  • Gary A. Payne
  • Rebeca C. Rufty
  • Paul B. Shoemaker
  • Harvey Wesley Spurr
  • Turner Bond Sutton
  • Hedwig Hirschm Triantaphyllou
  • Robert G. Upchurch

Adjunct Faculty

  • Tim Sit
  • Lindsey Danielle Thiessen