Educational Leadership, Policy and Human Development (PhD): Adult and Lifelong Education

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Degree Requirements

Degrees earned will be distributed as: "Doctor of Philosophy in Education Leadership, Policy and Human Development" with certification specifications listed on the transcripts.

College Scholar Leader Core Courses6
Scholar Leader: Diversity and Equity in Schools and Communities
Scholar Leader: Systemic Change in Education
College Research Methods Courses *15
Required Introductory Research Methods6
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education I
Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education
Advanced Research Methods Courses (Select one course from the list below) 3
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education II
Advanced Qualitative Research and Data Analysis in Education
Mixed Methods Research in Education
Advanced Research Methods Electives
Select two courses from the list above or advanced research methods courses approved by student advisor.
Dissertation Research9
Doctoral Dissertation Research

Adult & Lifelong Education (ALE)

ELPHD Scholar Leader Courses6
Reflective Practice and Research Inquiry
Research Seminar in Adult and Higher Education
Adult & Lifelong Education (ALE) Required Courses9
Foundations of Adult, Higher, and Human Res Education
Adult Learning Theory
The Programming Process In Adult and Community College Education
ALE Restrictive Elective Courses15
"Elective Courses" will be determined in conjunction with the academic committee
EAC 532Health Care Delivery Systems and Environments3
EAC 536Issues and Trends In Education For the Health Professions3
EAC 595Special Topics3-6
EAC 705Group Process In Adult and Higher Education3
EAC 708Continuing Education for the Professions3
EAC 712The Change Process in Adult Education3
EAC 732Globalization Intl Issues Adult Higher Hum Res Ed3
EAC 743Adult Development and Learning3
EAC 761Gender Studies in Adult Higher Education3
EAC 765Current Issues in Adult Education3
EAC 786Teaching in College3
EAC 795Topical Problems in Adult and Community College Education1-3
EAC 830Independent Study in Adult and Higher Education3
EAC 851Internship In Adult and Higher Education1-9
Total Hours60