Learning and Teaching in STEM (PhD): Engineering and Technology Education

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Degree Requirements

College Scholar Leader Core Courses6
Scholar Leader: Diversity and Equity in Schools and Communities
Scholar Leader: Systemic Change in Education
College Research Methods Courses15
Required Introductory Research Methods Courses6
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education I
Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education (or equivalent)
Advanced Research Methods Courses (select one course from list below)3
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education II
Advanced Qualitative Research and Data Analysis in Education 1
Mixed Methods Research in Education
Advanced Research Methods Electives6
Select two courses from the list above or other advanced research methods courses approved by the student advisor.
Dissertation Research9
Doctoral Dissertation Research
Learning and Teaching in STEM Education Core Courses6
Contemporary Research and Critical Issues in STEM Education
Special Problems in Science Teaching (Foundational Learning Theories in STEM Education)
Engineering and Technology Education Specialization Courses15
Technology Education: A Discipline
Curricula for Emerging Technologies
Developing and Implementing Technology Education
Planning of Change in TED
Teaching Creative Problem Solving
Specialty Courses to deepen understanding in focus area in conjunction with the academic committee9
Total Hours60