Mathematics Education (MS)

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Degree Requirements

Core Courses
Select four of the following: 112
Teaching and Learning of Algebraic Thinking
Teaching and Learning of Geometric Thinking
Teaching and Learning of Statistical Thinking
Interactions In the Mathematics Classroom
Design of Tools and Learning Environments in STEM Education
Teaching Mathematics with Technology
STEM Education course3
Mathematical Science courses 215
Elective course3
Research course3
Total Hours36


Full Professors

  • Jo-Ann D. Cohen
  • Karen Flanagan Hollebrands
  • Hollylynne Stohl Lee
  • Paola Sztajn

Associate Professors

  • Jessica Heather Hunt
  • Temple A. Walkowiak

Assistant Professors

  • Robin Keturah Anderson
  • Sunghwan Byun
  • Ruby Ellis
  • Erin Krupa
  • Jonee Wilson

Emeritus Faculty

  • Norman Dean Anderson
  • Jere Confrey
  • John Ronald Kolb
  • Larry W. Watson