Special Education (MS)

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Degree Requirements

The College of Education is no longer admitting students in the Master of Science in Special Education degree program.

Required Courses18
Resource Teaching In Special Education
Applied Behavior Analysis & Positive Behavior Intervention and Support in Schools
Educational Diagnosis and Prescription For Children With Exceptionalities
Education of Children with Exceptionalities
Seminar in Special Education Literacy
Internship In Special Education
Methods Courses12
Instructional Strategies for Students with Disabilities
Teaching Functional and Life Skills to Students with Disabilities
Intervention for Behavior Problems of Students with Disabilities
Spe Ed Seminar in Teaching Numerical Concepts
Research Course6
Select a research elective approved in conjunction with the academic committee
Master's Thesis Research
Total Hours36


Full Professors

  • Cathy L. Crossland
  • Edward J. Sabornie

Associate Professors

  • Jessica Heather Hunt

Assistant Professors

  • Jamie Nicole Pearson

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Valerie Ness Faulkner
  • Kristin Hofmann

Emeritus Faculty

  • Douglas A. Cullinan
  • Susan Sinclair Osborne