Teacher Education and Learning Science (PhD): Educational Equity

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Degree Requirements

Degrees will be distributed as "Doctor of Philosophy" with certification specifications listed on the transcript.

College Scholar LeaderCore Courses6
Scholar Leader: Diversity and Equity in Schools and Communities
Scholar Leader: Systemic Change in Education
College Research Methods Courses15
Required Introductory Research Methods Courses6
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education I
Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education
Advanced Research Methods Courses (Select one course from the list below)3
Applied Quantitative Methods in Education II
Advanced Qualitative Research and Data Analysis in Education
Mixed Methods Research in Education
Advanced Research Methods Electives6
Select two courses from the list above or other advanced research methods courses approved by the student advisor.
Doctoral Dissertation Research
Educational Equity (EE) Program Area Courses
Teacher Education and Learning Sciences (TELS) Core6
Seminar on Teaching and Teacher Education
Learning Sciences
Educational Equity (EE) Core Courses12
Social Justice Education
Critical Theory and Public Engagement
Educational Equity: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Internship In Curriculum and Instruction
EE Electives12
Determined in consultation with your advisor. The EE degree can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. The purpose of the core courses is to give students a commom foundation in eductional equity while the elective courses enable students to specialize within a particular equity and/or subject area.