Psychology (PhD): Lifespan Developmental Psychology Concentration

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Degree Requirements

Core Courses12
Special Topics In Psychology (Ethics)
Select three of the following courses:
Physiological Psychology
Cognitive Processes
Advanced Social Psychology
Advanced Developmental Psychology
Quantitative Methods Courses6
Directed Study In Psychology (Quantitative Methods I )
Directed Study In Psychology (Quantitative Methods II)
Additional Statistics or Research Methods Course3
Select one of the following courses:
Directed Study In Psychology (Quantitative Methods III)
Action Research In Psychology
Methodological Issues In Developmental Psychology
Concentration Requirements28
See "Concentration Requirements" listed below
Elective Courses23
Special Topics In Psychology
Doctoral Supervised Research
Doctoral Dissertation Research
Doctoral Dissertation Preparation
Total Hours72

Concentration Requirements

Required Courses22
Advanced Developmental Psychology
Methodological Issues In Developmental Psychology
Cognitive Development
Social Development
Adulthood and Aging: Cognitive and Intellectual Change
Socio-Emotional Processes In Adulthood and Aging
Special Topics In Psychology (Area Seminar) 1
Lifespan Developmental Psychology Elective Course6
Physiological Psychology
Directed Study In Psychology (Repurposing Cognition) 2
Total Hours28


Full Professors

  • Lynne Elizabeth Baker-Ward
  • John Charles Begeny
  • Jeffery P. Braden
  • Lori Lea Foster
  • Douglas John Gillan
  • Amy G. Halberstadt
  • Mary E. Haskett
  • Christopher Brooke Mayhorn
  • Anne Collins McLaughlin
  • Adam W. Meade
  • Rupert W. Nacoste
  • Shevaun D. Neupert
  • Katharine E. Stewart
  • Eric N. Wiebe

Associate Professors

  • Jason Christopher Allaire
  • Craig C. Brookins
  • Jennifer L. Burnette
  • Stephen Bartholomew Craig
  • Sarah Louise Desmarais
  • Jing Feng
  • Daniel Gruehn
  • Elan Hope
  • Samuel B. Pond III
  • Kelly Lynn Sara Mulvey
  • Scott Andrew Stage
  • Laura Marie Widman
  • Mark A. Wilson

Assistant Professors

  • Seong Hee Cho
  • Whitney Griffin
  • Y. He
  • Kate Norwalk
  • Patsy Anne Sibley
  • Vanessa V. Volpe

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Anna Maria Behler
  • Dana Kotter-Gruehn
  • Lindsey C. McGowen
  • Natalie Simona Murr
  • Joseph M. Simons-Rudolph

Emeritus Faculty

  • Donald William Drewes
  • William P. Erchul
  • Denis O. Gray
  • Thomas M. Hess
  • James W. Kalat
  • David W. Martin
  • Samuel B. Pond III
  • Frank J. Smith
  • Michael S. Wogalter
  • Mary B. Wyer

Adjunct Faculty

  • David B. Kaber