Geographic Information Systems (Minor)

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The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) minor provides an academic credential for students who want to develop some GIS application skills while pursuing a graduate degree in another discipline. It is designed for students who wish to master the basics of GIS analysis and to develop more advanced skills in a particular application area. 

Other Requirements: A GIST graduate faculty member must be on the student’s graduate committee. A list of currently approved faculty members can be provided to students upon request. If no graduate committee is required by the student’s program, the student must obtain approval of his or her minor program. Students enrolled in Option B Masters programs are not eligible to declare a minor. Certificate coursework and Minor coursework must be completely independent. 


Plan Requirements

Required Courses6
Fundamentals of Geospatial Information Science and Technology
Spatial Problem Solving
Geospatial Modeling
Elective Courses3
See "Elective Courses" listed below
Total Hours9

Elective Courses

Select three credits from the following courses: *3
GIS 512Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing3
GIS 515Cartographic Design2
GIS/LAR 517GIS Applications in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning3
GIS 520Spatial Problem Solving3
GIS 521Surface Water Hydrology with GIS3
GIS 530Spatial Data Foundations3
GIS 535Web and Mobile GIS Protocols3
GIS 595Special Topics in Geospatial Information Science1-6
GIS/MEA 582Geospatial Modeling3
GIS 584Mapping and Analysis Using UAS3
GIS 609Geospatial Forum1
GIS 610Special Topics in Geospatial Information Science1-6
GIS 711Geospatial Data Management3
GIS 712Environmental Earth Observation and Remote Sensing3
GIS 713Geospatial Data Mining3
GIS 714Geospatial Computation and Simulation3
GIS 715Geovisualization3
SSC 540Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Soil Science and Agriculture3
SSC 545Remote Sensing Applications in Soil Science and Agriculture3
BAE 535Precision Agriculture Technology3
BAE 536GIS Applications in Precision Agriculture1
MEA 511Introduction to Meteorological Remote Sensing3
HI 535Spatial History3
ST 533Applied Spatial Statistics 3


Full Professors

  • Yu-Fai Leung
  • Ross Meentemeyer
  • Helena Mitasova
  • Stacy Nelson
  • Gary Roberson
  • Sandra Yuter

Associate Professors

  • Mirela Tulbure
  • Raju Vatsavai
  • Jeffrey White

Assistant Professors

  • Josh Gray
  • Jelena Vukomanovic

Practice/Research/Teaching Professors

  • Perver Baran
  • Eric Money
  • Stacy Supak
  • Laura Tateosian
  • Vaishnavi Thakar

Emeritus Faculty

  • Heather Cheshire
  • Hugh Devine
  • Siamak Khorram